Beef Bone Carrot Soup

Beef Bone Carrot Soup

by Xianger Kitchen

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Beef bone marrow is very nutritious. Each 100 grams of beef bone marrow contains 36.8 grams of protein and 304 milligrams of calcium. It is a nutritious raw material with high protein, low fat and high-quality organic calcium. It has been bought and boiled for more than 10 hours. Beef bone soup with white radish and sweet corn not only relieves greasiness, but is also more nutritious.


Beef Bone Carrot Soup

1. Prepare corn and white radish

Beef Bone Carrot Soup recipe

2. Boiled beef bone soup

Beef Bone Carrot Soup recipe

3. Wash corn and white radish and cut into pieces

Beef Bone Carrot Soup recipe

4. Pour the radishes and corn into boiling water for a minute, then pick up and wash

Beef Bone Carrot Soup recipe

5. Pour into the broth

Beef Bone Carrot Soup recipe

6. Cover the fire and boil

Beef Bone Carrot Soup recipe

7. Then open to clear the foam

Beef Bone Carrot Soup recipe

8. After adding salt, cover and turn to low heat for 20 minutes, then turn off heat and bring out the pot

Beef Bone Carrot Soup recipe

9. Natural and delicious soup, served

Beef Bone Carrot Soup recipe


1. I cook the broth first, and then chill or freeze it separately after it is completely cooled. This is very convenient to eat and use;
2. When the broth is stewed, it is original and delicious. After adding radish and corn, just add a little salt to season it and it will be delicious;
3. Add the ingredients to the water first, which can reduce the taste of the ingredients over the soup taste


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