Beef Winter Melon Wonton

Beef Winter Melon Wonton

by Meimeijia's Kitchen

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I love this stuffing most in autumn. Dumplings, wontons, and pancakes are all kinds of choices. They are fresher than leeks. Eat them 5 times a week!

Autumn is here unknowingly. As the weather gets colder, appetite gradually improves. Breakfast is responsible for the energy supply for the whole morning. Don't neglect it. How rich it is!

Breakfast must be nutritious. Starch, protein and vegetables are indispensable. Meimei usually cooks breakfast with a lot of tricks, such as mixing vegetables, boiled eggs, steaming buns and pancakes, etc. Several machines are all in the battle. Every day, making breakfast is like fighting. Summer is here , Breakfast is a bit soupy and watery, it’s easier to eat. During this time, dumpling wonton is the most cooked dumpling. Dumpling wonton is simple and inclusive. Mix all kinds of ingredients into mud to make filling, a small bowl of wonton It can contain a variety of nutrients, and then cook a seaweed and shrimp skin soup, which is nutritious and delicious.
Making dumplings and making wontons is all about the filling, which is actually a technical job. Nowadays, we pay attention to eating according to the season, eating leeks in spring, and summer, we should change our tricks.

Whether it’s steamed buns or dumplings, I like to add some vegetables to the meat filling, which will not only taste softer and juicy, but also have more balanced nutrition. When it’s hot, my favorite filling is winter melon meat.

Speaking of winter melon, do you think of soup? Or, everyone’s heads will definitely pause for two seconds, think about what winter melon is?

In fact, the most suitable food in summer is winter melon. Eating winter melon in summer can not only achieve the effect of weight loss, but also relieve the heat.

The dietary fiber content of wax gourd is as high as 0.7%, which can regulate blood sugar, blood lipids, and lower cholesterol. The contained glyceric acid can inhibit the conversion of sugars into fat, which is very effective for the prevention and treatment of high blood pressure and weight loss. Winter melon has a relatively high water content. When paired with meat, the taste is particularly refreshing and juicy, and the meat will become extra delicate. Not only that, winter melon is also more versatile, and both pork and beef can be matched.
It is impossible for the human body to take in all the nutrients it needs in absorbing the nutrients of diversified foods, but the intake from beef is the most direct and full. Beef food contains these 8 essential amino acids that the human body needs, and they are 100% absorbed. The nutrition of any animal or plant cannot be compared with beef. Therefore, there is a saying that eating a piece of beef is worth a day's nutrition. Children in the developmental period have strong physiques; elderly people need to take more for digestive function degradation and reduced absorption capacity.

Summer is here, try this beef and winter melon wonton, refreshing, juicy, delicate and appetizing, and lay a good foundation for the midsummer.


Beef Winter Melon Wonton

1. Peel the wax gourd, wash it, cut it into small pieces, and put it into the food processor with the beef. Put the lid on and puree it. (It doesn’t need to be too broken for the first time, just a little bit)

Beef Winter Melon Wonton recipe

2. I cook a pot of chicken soup beforehand. Every time I cook the chicken soup, I save a bowl and freeze it. When I need to make stuffing, I can use it directly. It's very convenient.

Beef Winter Melon Wonton recipe

3. After the beef and winter melon are broken into pieces, add a spoonful of chicken broth (if there is no chicken broth, just add water, or an egg is fine)

Beef Winter Melon Wonton recipe

4. Cover the lid again, and beat the meat until it is delicate and fully absorb the soup.

Beef Winter Melon Wonton recipe

5. Look, the beef filling with chicken soup and winter melon is very watery, super tender, and full of elasticity. It is very fragrant after adding chicken soup.

Beef Winter Melon Wonton recipe

6. Take a piece of wonton wrapper, use chopsticks to pick up a tuft of minced meat and place it in the middle.

Beef Winter Melon Wonton recipe

7. Pick up the four corners, place the closing part on the tiger's mouth, and tighten it. The wontons made with this method are beautiful in shape, with thin skin and large fillings, which are very delicious.

Beef Winter Melon Wonton recipe

8. It’s all done, and if you can’t finish it, you can freeze it in the refrigerator.

Beef Winter Melon Wonton recipe

9. Wontons are wrapped and ready to cook. Because there is chicken broth, there is no need to add oil. Pour in a bowl of water and boil, add a spoonful of chicken broth, sprinkle a pinch of seaweed, and boil until soaked and pour the egg liquid.

Beef Winter Melon Wonton recipe

10. After boiling again, sprinkle with chopped green onion, season with salt, and the wonton soup will be cooked and serve.

Beef Winter Melon Wonton recipe

11. In addition, boil a pot of water and pour the wontons into the pot. Because the meat filling is relatively large, it must be boiled twice. Once it is cooked, you can remove it and put it in the cooked soup.

Beef Winter Melon Wonton recipe


Add liquid when mixing the stuffing to increase the water content of the meat filling. First add winter melon to the filling, and then add a spoonful of liquid. The beef filling becomes juicy, soft and delicious. Chicken broth is the best. It tastes very fragrant, with egg filling, it tastes very fragrant, and the taste is smooth.
Wonton soup is boiled separately. You can add various vegetables to the soup according to your preference. Don't have too much chicken soup. If it is too much, it will make you tired.


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