Wonton Noodles

Wonton Noodles

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Wonton noodles are also called wonton noodles, fine rongs, and big rongs. It is a characteristic snack of the Han nationality in Guangdong Province and belongs to the Cantonese cuisine. Wonton noodles are generally divided into soup noodles and lo noodles. Wonton noodles is a very common food in China. Take cooked wonton and egg noodles, add hot soup and serve. Wonton noodles are made of wonton and noodles and boiled soup. The wonton has a smooth taste, and the noodles are elastic in the mouth, which makes people endless aftertaste. The noodles are more elastic and chewy, and the wonton is rich in protein and starch. And other nutrients.


Wonton Noodles

1. Nutritious and delicious

Wonton Noodles recipe

2. The small pot is served directly to the table and eaten

Wonton Noodles recipe

3. Prepare the materials

Wonton Noodles recipe

4. Put an appropriate amount of water in the pot, beat in the eggs and boil them into poached eggs for later use.

Wonton Noodles recipe

5. Jiang Qingcai and broccoli are cooked and set aside.

Wonton Noodles recipe

6. Jiang's pre-cooked chicken soup is boiled, and the soup is poured into egg noodles.

Wonton Noodles recipe

7. Then add the wrapped wontons.

Wonton Noodles recipe

8. Add a little lard.

Wonton Noodles recipe

9. After cooking, add the side dishes, add salt and chicken essence to taste

Wonton Noodles recipe

10. Serve a small pot on the table and start eating.

Wonton Noodles recipe

11. Nutritious and delicious one pot end

Wonton Noodles recipe


To cook the stock of wonton and noodles, put a little salt first. Both wonton and noodles will be more vigorous. Neither wonton nor noodles will be cooked at once. You need to add the stock several times in between. Generally, it will be cooked after repeated three times.


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