【bitter Gourd and Mushroom Bone Soup】

【bitter Gourd and Mushroom Bone Soup】

by Burnt Apple

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I don’t remember when I fell in love with bitter gourd soup. Many people either don’t drink it, or only drink the soup instead of the boiled bitter gourd, but I love both. The premise must be bitter gourd soup with pickles and garlic. The bitter gourd must be boiled until it is overripe. The taste that melts in your mouth will definitely make people who dare not eat bitter gourd to praise with both hands~"


【bitter Gourd and Mushroom Bone Soup】

1. Cut the soup bone into pieces, blanch it to remove the blood water, remove the dry water, wash the bitter gourd with running water, cut the bitter gourd and cut it into oblique pieces. Do not cut the bitter gourd into small pieces.

【bitter Gourd and Mushroom Bone Soup】 recipe

2. Pour the bitter gourd pieces into a clean pot, add garlic, wash the garlic and add it directly without peeling it. The bitter gourd is cold in nature. Adding garlic can neutralize it. This should be the cooking method in Chaoshan area. We have always drank it like this since we were young. The taste of ginger and garlic is very good, I suggest you try

【bitter Gourd and Mushroom Bone Soup】 recipe

3. Add a proper amount of water to the pot. After washing with yam yam medicinal water, you can buy it in ordinary pharmacies. Remove the stems in advance, soak the mushrooms with water, soak them, rinse and add them to the pot.

【bitter Gourd and Mushroom Bone Soup】 recipe

4. Boil the ingredients in the pot on a high fire, switch to a slow cooker for 1-2 hours, soak the pickles in water, squeeze out the water, change the water to wash, reduce the saltiness and add it.

【bitter Gourd and Mushroom Bone Soup】 recipe

5. Boil it and taste it. If it tastes weak, add a little salt to it.

【bitter Gourd and Mushroom Bone Soup】 recipe


The pickles used here are one of the three treasures of the Chaoshan area. The raw materials used for pickles in different regions are also different. I don’t have a casserole, so I don’t use an enamel pot directly. Try to choose the casserole or pottery pot without over-producing materials. It doesn’t matter if you order less. If you have soy beans at home, just add some. If you don’t have soy beans at home, you don’t add them. It is not recommended to buy too fatty parts, such as pig's feet.


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