Seasoned Vegetables

Seasoned Vegetables

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Go home and take a look at the dishes in the refrigerator, and get together to make a simple and quick and delicious mix of dishes!


Seasoned Vegetables

1. Cut the bitter gourd into slices, shred the red pepper, cut into small green peppers, and cut the onion into shreds. Then boil the water and blanch it for about 3 minutes.

Seasoned Vegetables recipe

2. Remove the water after blanching and drain the water.

Seasoned Vegetables recipe

3. Add salt, chicken essence, monosodium glutamate, light soy sauce, vinegar and lettuce oil in sequence.

Seasoned Vegetables recipe

4. After mixing, you can put it on a plate and serve!

Seasoned Vegetables recipe


1. Don't blanch the water for too long, it's okay to boil it off, and it won't taste good if it's boiled for too long.
2. Lettuce oil must be used, this is the characteristic of this dish.


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