Refreshing Honey Bitter Gourd

Refreshing Honey Bitter Gourd

by Silence into a poem

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The most suitable seasonal vegetable for hot summer is bitter gourd. Eat more bitter gourd, the effect of reducing heat and fire is obvious. Riben Okinawa is a famous place for longevity. One of the secrets of longevity for the locals is to eat more bitter gourd and drink bitter gourd tea and bitter gourd juice. Bitter gourd is rich in nutrition. The vitamin C in bitter gourd can prevent skin aging and reduce blood cholesterol, but vitamin C is not heat resistant. Although the other nutritional value of bitter gourd is not destroyed after heating, it is expected to prevent skin aging and reduce cholesterol through bitter gourd. People, eating after heating will not achieve the effect. Therefore, eating bitter melon raw or squeezing it into juice is the best choice.


Refreshing Honey Bitter Gourd

1. Wash the bitter gourd and cut it into several large sections, prepare a paring knife for use

Refreshing Honey Bitter Gourd recipe

2. Use a paring knife to peel the outer layer of the bitter gourd, stop when you see the white flesh of the bitter gourd, and discard the inner core.

Refreshing Honey Bitter Gourd recipe

3. Add half a spoon of salt, the size of the spoon is as shown in the picture

Refreshing Honey Bitter Gourd recipe

4. Add a large spoonful of honey, the same size as shown in the picture

Refreshing Honey Bitter Gourd recipe

5. Mix well with chopsticks, cover with plastic wrap and store in the refrigerator for half an hour before serving

Refreshing Honey Bitter Gourd recipe


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