Boiled Vegetable Spaghetti

Boiled Vegetable Spaghetti

by Twilight shadow

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Spaghetti is my favorite. It tastes better to cook than ordinary noodles. Just cook according to the time indicated in the instructions. Fry an egg with a few slices of vegetables and add some steamed fish soy sauce to eat. The taste is also light and great for breakfast.


Boiled Vegetable Spaghetti

1. A lot of spaghetti is cooked in a pot under cold water.

Boiled Vegetable Spaghetti recipe

2. This spaghetti needs to be cooked for 13 minutes. It takes a long time to cook slowly.

Boiled Vegetable Spaghetti recipe

3. This powder is very watery, there is almost no water after cooking.

Boiled Vegetable Spaghetti recipe

4. Be sure to add more water next time you cook. Cook it and fish out. If you like to eat hard, you can use cold water to pass it down.

Boiled Vegetable Spaghetti recipe

5. Fry the eggs, and when they are almost frying, fry the vegetables too.

Boiled Vegetable Spaghetti recipe


1. The outer packaging of the spaghetti will basically be clearly written, the cooking time.
2. Vegetables can be added at will, according to personal taste.


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