Spaghetti with Soul

Spaghetti with Soul

by Purple Grass 2004

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Spaghetti with Soul

1. Boil the spaghetti for ten minutes, then put it in cold water and set aside.

Spaghetti with Soul recipe

2. Cut the colored peppers and onions, wash and blanch the broccoli, remove the shrimp and set aside.

Spaghetti with Soul recipe

3. Microwave beef patty is chopped instead of raw beef (my son said raw beef is not good) so I use this instead. Everyone does it according to their own preferences.

Spaghetti with Soul recipe

4. Put butter in the pan and boil to melt.

Spaghetti with Soul recipe

5. Add minced beef and stir fry, pepper onion broccoli, vegetable juice and shrimp, continue to stir fry until the shrimp changes color. Add cooked spaghetti, add tomato sauce and stir evenly with chopsticks, then add mozzarella cheese, stir evenly with chopsticks, and finally add black pepper and stir evenly.

Spaghetti with Soul recipe

6. Very deliciousđŸ˜‹ You can try if you like.

Spaghetti with Soul recipe


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