Homemade Pasta

Homemade Pasta

by Zero Zero Baking

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For the Love Noodles family, the pasta is of course not to be missed. After the pasta I bought, I just made it myself.
And I’m no stranger to making noodles, so making this is the same.
This time I made five colors, each with 200 grams. It was a little more cumbersome to make, but it was very enjoyable to eat and it was also very convenient.
The humidity is well controlled, and the prepared noodles will not stick together. Keep them in small bags and freeze them in the refrigerator. When eating, take out a bag and put it in the pot and shake it with chopsticks to cook.
Every time my children eat colorful noodles, they will be very happy. They are excited to tell me that this is colorful noodles, and they eat pasta for two consecutive mornings while they are fresh. The children always have the rhythm when they eat it.
It's really good.


Homemade Pasta

1. Prepare Italian No. 00 flour first. If you don't want to make a variety of colors, just use eggs to make it. In fact, it’s okay to replace the flour with regular flour for noodles

Homemade Pasta recipe

2. To make color, you need to use all the colored ingredients, these can be used to make colored noodles

Homemade Pasta recipe

3. I made five flavors this time: original, tomato, dragon fruit, spinach, purple cabbage and so on. Cut tomatoes and red cabbage into small pieces, pick out the leaves of spinach, boil it in water and boil it softly, remove it and drain the water.

Homemade Pasta recipe

4. Put the ingredients in a blender and make a puree. My purple cabbage is blanched, so the color will change

Homemade Pasta recipe

5. Use a sieve to strain dragon fruit, spinach, and purple cabbage, and set aside the juice for later use. The tomato puree is more delicate and can be used directly

Homemade Pasta recipe

6. First make the original flavor. Dig a hole in the middle of 200 grams of powder, add 120 grams of egg liquid in it, stir it into small balls with a fork but chopsticks, and use your hands when you can’t see a large area of egg liquid.

Homemade Pasta recipe

7. Knead into a smoother dough

Homemade Pasta recipe

8. Make the other doughs in the same way. The wet ingredients of each dough are changed. From top to bottom, from left to right, they are: 38 grams of purple cabbage juice + 65 grams of egg liquid, 33 grams of tomato puree + 44 grams of egg liquid. Grams, (original flavor) 120 grams of eggs, 47 grams of spinach juice + 52 grams of egg liquid, 40 grams of dragon juice + 61 grams of egg liquid

Homemade Pasta recipe

9. Enlarge the finished dough in a pot, cover with plastic wrap and relax for half an hour

Homemade Pasta recipe

10. The next step is to press the dough. Take out the loosened dough and roll it into thick slices. Press it several times with a noodle machine, and finally press it into slices with three steps

Homemade Pasta recipe

11. Spread a little powder on both sides of the dough sheet and press it into noodles. Use the same method to make the other colors

Homemade Pasta recipe

12. The water content is well controlled. In fact, the noodles are not sticky at all. You can sprinkle a small amount of flour and freeze it in the refrigerator. Take it out when you eat it and let it boil in a pot, boil it, and add it with spaghetti sauce.

Homemade Pasta recipe


The water content of this noodle is relatively strict, which is suitable for the operation of the noodle machine, not suitable for hand rolling. Please increase the water content appropriately if hand rolling.


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