Braised Beef Tendons

Braised Beef Tendons

by Mom Nini

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#亲情婚纱# Beef tendon is my husband's favorite dish to go with wine. The tendons are rich in proteoglycans and collagen, have lower fat content than fatty meat, and contain no cholesterol. You can make it yourself, and you can rest assured when you eat.


Braised Beef Tendons

1. Cut green onion, slice ginger, 2 aniseed, 5 peppercorns

Braised Beef Tendons recipe

2. Wash the fresh beef tendon and cut into approximately 7cm sections

Braised Beef Tendons recipe

3. Add water to the pot and bring to a boil, pour the beef tendon and white wine and blanch until it is boiled, remove it for use (while blanching the water, add appropriate amount of water to the pressure cooker to boil)

Braised Beef Tendons recipe

4. Pour cold oil in a hot pan with bean paste and sugar, and sauté slowly over low heat

Braised Beef Tendons recipe

5. Stir-fry until the sugar melts and the color of the sauce turns brownish red

Braised Beef Tendons recipe

6. Pour the blanched beef tendon and stir fry for color

Braised Beef Tendons recipe

7. Pour into the pressure cooker, add green onions, ginger, pepper, aniseed, chili, mix in cooking wine, sugar (if you think the color is light, you can add some dark soy sauce) and thick soup treasure, cover and valve and cook until it is airy, SAIC 5 minutes Turn to medium and low heat for 25 minutes, then turn off the heat, let yourself be discouraged and eat.

Braised Beef Tendons recipe


1: Beef tendon sucks, and it is not easy to use heavy spices.
2: Fresh tendons take longer than water to produce tendons. My dish is relatively soft and waxy, and I like the texture to be tougher, so I can reduce the time appropriately.


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