Braised Beef Tendon

Braised Beef Tendon

by meggy dancing apple

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I bought a large bag of beef tendon a few days ago and simmered half of it. No, I cleaned the refrigerator and showed the other half. Although the refrigerator is good, it is not suitable to store food for a long time. After all, the longer it is stored, the more moisture and nutrients of the food will be lost.

Beef tendon is the ligament of cattle, which does not contain meat fiber, so there is no need to worry about nutrient loss when soaking in water, so it can be thawed directly by brewing it in cold water.

Although the beef tendon is delicious, the stewing time is indeed not short. If it weren't for the beautiful iron pot, I would really press it with a pressure cooker. Thinking of eating pure beef tendon, it is more nutritious than adding a few more vegetables. Stewing this pot, the more ingredients, the more options, and the family can eat whatever they want. Use an iron pot to stew vegetables, the lid is easy to handle, and the stewing time is easy to control, and the stew is served directly to the table. At this point, the pressure cooker is a bit cumbersome, because the pressure in the pan must be completely released before the lid can be opened; if you put the dish to stew in two more times, it feels that the operation is not so smooth.

Of course, the pressure cooker is especially suitable for people who have not been cooking for a long time, or those who are anxious to eat. As for what pot to use, figure it out for yourself!

Beef tendon actually doesn't have much nutrition. Its main component is collagen, which is a very low-quality protein, and it will not turn into collagen on your little face just because you eat it. I often see in many articles that eating beef tendon and pigskin and trotters can beautify. In fact, this is a rumor. This kind of collagen is just as ordinary protein and absorbed by the body. Beauty and beauty are just misinformation.

People like it because of its waxy or Q taste. Let me make a long story short, people rely on food as their heaven, and only when they are full can they have the energy to do things.


Braised Beef Tendon

1. Clean the beef tendon;

Braised Beef Tendon recipe

2. Clean the side dishes: potatoes, carrots, purple onions, red peppers, green peppers; do not cut these dishes first, cut them when the beef tendon is simmered, to prevent the knife edge from becoming dry due to too long storage time;

Braised Beef Tendon recipe

3. The beef tendon will retract after being cooked, so you can cut the beef tendon into large sections, about 4 cm long;

Braised Beef Tendon recipe

4. Pour appropriate amount of cold water into the iron pan, put the beef tendon into the pan, and bring to a boil on high heat;

Braised Beef Tendon recipe

5. Skim off the scum after boiling; the beef tendon has no meat fiber and blood, so the scum is just some fat on the outside of the beef tendon. After skimming it, the soup will be more refreshing and there will be no adhesions on the pot wall;

Braised Beef Tendon recipe

6. Cut the green onion into sections, cut the ginger into thick slices, and prepare the star anise and cinnamon;

Braised Beef Tendon recipe

7. Put the seasoning in step 6 into the pot, then pour some soy sauce and salt;

Braised Beef Tendon recipe

8. Cover the lid and turn to low heat; beef tendon is not easy to simmer, so you need to add hot water several times to prevent it from drying out. It takes about 3-4 hours; if you use a pressure cooker, it will be soft and waxy in about 40-60 minutes;

Braised Beef Tendon recipe

9. The beef tendon is stewed until it is soft and waxy, and the volume is obviously larger than when it is raw. You can pick up a piece with chopsticks and taste it, and taste the saltiness by the way; if it is not salty, add salt, if the color is too light, add soy sauce or dark soy sauce. ;

Braised Beef Tendon recipe

10. Cut potatoes, carrots, and onions into pieces with a hob, remove seeds and cut red pepper into pieces, and cut green pepper into pieces;

Braised Beef Tendon recipe

11. Put the hard-to-cook potatoes and carrots into the pot, then pour a little light soy sauce, stir evenly, cover and simmer for 10 minutes;

Braised Beef Tendon recipe

12. Turn off the heat, pour the onions and green and red peppers into the pot, and use the residual heat to scald them to change their color; they can be served directly in the pot or in a bowl.

Braised Beef Tendon recipe


1. The beef tendon is very clean. It only needs to be rinsed twice in cold water, and there is no need to blanch it. It is directly boiled and skimmed off the foam; the beef tendon is not easy to stew, you can choose according to the kitchen utensils at home; the fastest with a pressure cooker, about It takes 1 hour to soften waxy; it takes 3-4 hours to use an iron pot with good sealing effect; casserole with large capacity and good sealing effect can also be used; when using these two kinds of pots, water must be heated in the middle to avoid heat The beef tendon is hardened by cold water and the stew time is prolonged;
2. Beef tendon can be eaten hot or cold; it is soft and sticky when hot, and chewy when cold; beef tendon will regenerate when it is cold, so it must be simmered until the mouth is allelopathy; no side dishes The beef tendon can be stored in the refrigerator after being eaten, and can be sliced when eaten again. The Q elastic tendon is smooth; after adding the side dishes, it needs to be reheated before eating;
3. Side dishes such as potatoes, carrots, etc. can be changed or changed according to your preference; after adding side dishes, it is nutritious and eye-catching.


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