Braised Snails

Braised Snails

by Teacher Kong teaches cooking

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Today, the solar terms are stung, spring thunder begins to sound, the temperature rises, insects sprout, our willow trees have sprouts, and the vegetable market has many snails selling snails. Every year before the Qingming Festival, it is the best time to eat snails. As the old saying goes, "Ching Ming snails compete with the goose." In the ancient books of Chinese medicine, snails are also a kind of good medicine, and there are many names. For example, snails are called snails in "Famous Doctors", "snails" in "Materia Medica Supplements", and "snails" in "Compendium of Materia Medica".

Jiangnan before and after Tomb-sweeping Festival is the most fertile season for snails. The snails awakened from dormancy crawled out of the soil, the meat was tender and plump, and the taste was excellent! And at this time, the snail mud had little smell, and there was no childbirth, and there were no small snails in the shell.

Today I will share this most delicious braised snail. After buying the snails, they should be kept overnight in clean water. You can also rub them with your hands. It is best to drop a few drops of vegetable oil to help the snails spit out the sand. Secondly, snails have to have their "butts" cut. This butt is not easy to cut. There is a saying that "snails are delicious and hard to cut their tails". The cut is too big to leak and cannot be sucked out; if the cut is small, it is too tight to suck. After cutting the "tail" and then braising it, you can enjoy the delicious food! Squeeze a piece of light and suck, the first is the delicious soup, and then the plump snail meat is elastic to tease your taste buds. This is a rare spring season delicacy!

Braised Snails

1. The snails spit out the mud and sand and rinse them. Bring the water to a boil, add 20 ml of cooking wine, pour the snails and blanch in water for 3 minutes. (After buying the snails, let them sit in the water for a day and let them spit out the mud. Then rinse them with running water, and cut off the tails of the snails with scissors or pliers. This way, the snails can be sucked out with a little force when eating. And it’s easier to taste.)

Braised Snails recipe

2. After blanching the water, remove it for later use.

Braised Snails recipe

3. Heat the oil on a small fire, and when the oil temperature rises, saute the prepared garlic cloves, green onions, ginger slices, dried chilies, and peppercorns.

Braised Snails recipe

4. Pour the snails into the pot.

Braised Snails recipe

5. Stir-fry the ingredients and snails evenly over high heat.

Braised Snails recipe

6. Add 10 ml of cooking wine and add water that has not been used for snails. (Use beer instead of water to taste better.)

Braised Snails recipe

7. Then add 20ml of soy sauce, 30g of oyster sauce and 10g of sugar. (Soy sauce and oyster sauce have salty taste. If you feel that the salty taste is not enough, you can add some salt to taste.)

Braised Snails recipe

8. Then close the lid and turn to medium heat for about 10 minutes. Don't open the lid and stir fry.

Braised Snails recipe

9. Finally, heat up the juice and leave a little soup to turn off the heat.

Braised Snails recipe

10. Serve out the plate. (Don't collect the moisture completely, leave a little moisture, the snail meat will not be old in this way.)

Braised Snails recipe

11. After the braised snails are prepared, put them aside for a while before eating. You can turn them up and down with a spoon, so that each snail will be full of umami.

Braised Snails recipe


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