Bread Toast Pizza

Bread Toast Pizza

by Mozi.

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Yeah, last time I used bread and cheese sausage to make the recipe [Cheese sausage bread toast]. Now I think the name is weird. After all, I didn’t teach you how to make toast bread. . . Besides, the cheese hasn't melted completely. . .
But it can't control so much, after all, it can't be modified. .
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Alright, all right, back to the topic. This time, I made a bread pizza, but the cheese still hasn’t melted completely. I’m so heartbroken............
Because my oven is too small! ! You can only bake two servings at a time, so there are only two in the finished picture. In fact, I bake four.
No matter what, I really want to post the recipes, so please give me a light spray. Thank you for the third party in the beginning.


Bread Toast Pizza

1. Um... the one thing I'm sorry about here is...
This picture does not include all the materials used this time, so here is to reiterate the amount of my various materials:
①Bread: 4 slices ②Cheese: 3 slices ③Sausage: 2 ④Corn: appropriate amount ⑤Onion: half ⑥Ketchup: 2 packs ⑦Whole egg liquid: appropriate amount

Bread Toast Pizza recipe

2. Um, cut the bread

Bread Toast Pizza recipe

3. Cut four slices of bread

Bread Toast Pizza recipe

4. Use a rolling pin to flatten and flatten the bread. The top one is not rolled, and the bottom one is rolled.

If the action is fast, the oven can now be preheated. Preheating: oven at 210℃, 5-10 minutes

Bread Toast Pizza recipe

5. Sliced tomatoes

Bread Toast Pizza recipe

6. Dice the sausage.
Well, bacon will be more delicious.

Bread Toast Pizza recipe

7. Boil the corn kernels.
Well, at this time, you can cut the onion by the way.

Bread Toast Pizza recipe

8. Ketchup, the right amount of ketchup, it's up to you to decide.
Of course, it’s even better if you have homemade pizza sauce, well, I admit I’m a lazy person.

Then, sprinkle a layer of cheese

Bread Toast Pizza recipe

9. After sprinkling the cheese,
Put tomatoes on it (you can also put it directly on top of the made bread toast pizza after roasting)

Bread Toast Pizza recipe

10. Then put corn kernels and diced sausage

Bread Toast Pizza recipe

11. Don't forget the onion~~

Bread Toast Pizza recipe

12. Then add another layer of cheese, because the cheese slices at home are not enough, just cut into three and eat.

Well, the other three slices of bread are also placed like this

Bread Toast Pizza recipe

13. ! ! ! I forgot to give the whole egg liquid! ! !
But after I ate it, I realized that it didn't matter if I gave it in the end.
Don't give too much.
Then put it in the oven preheated at 210°C for 5-10 minutes, bake at 210°C for 10-15 minutes and you are done. Enjoy this little pizza~

Bread Toast Pizza recipe


Uhhhhhhhhhh, there is no skill, but I want to ask everyone, how can the cheese melt well?


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