Brown Sugar Cake

Brown Sugar Cake

by Dragon Dragon 1219

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What mom taught me


Brown Sugar Cake

1. Glutinous rice noodles with water to make this

Brown Sugar Cake recipe

2. Pull a small drag to make a circle, then squeeze it with your palm, and put it in a frying pan for frying

Brown Sugar Cake recipe

3. Remove after frying

Brown Sugar Cake recipe

4. Boil brown sugar with water

Brown Sugar Cake recipe

5. Brown sugar and water boil

Brown Sugar Cake recipe

6. After the brown sugar is boiled, add the fried baba and continue to cook until the water is boiled dry. Be careful to keep turning it to prevent the pan from getting stuck.

Brown Sugar Cake recipe

7. Turn the fire down a little bit like this

Brown Sugar Cake recipe

8. This is a success. If you have sesame seeds, you can sprinkle some sesame seeds. It looks good and fragrant.

Brown Sugar Cake recipe


When frying, as long as the proof is bulging, you can fry for a while, so that it will be more fragrant. According to your hobby, you can put more brown sugar if you like sweetness!


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