Dry Fried Dumplings

Dry Fried Dumplings

by Tianshan Cocoa

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In addition to cooking glutinous rice balls, they can also be fried or fried. Occasionally, it is not bad to eat dumplings with oil residue. If you talk about frying, I would compare this approach. The oil is little and fragrant, it is very suitable for eating at this time. You must know that the Chinese New Year is over and the oil and water in the belly have not been used up. It is not suitable for eating too greasy fried dumplings. Cocoa made "Fried Tangyuan" today. The shape of the glutinous rice balls can be round or square, so that it is not easy to burst when frying, so that the fried rice balls are fried on the surface, which is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Refreshing and not greasy, the peanuts and black sesame fillings are super fragrant, soft and sweet, and one bite is very greedy!

Dry Fried Dumplings

1. Main ingredients: 300 grams of glutinous rice flour, 6 prawn cakes. Accessories: appropriate amount of vegetable oil, 360 grams of warm water

Dry Fried Dumplings recipe

2. Add glutinous rice flour to a large bowl, add appropriate amount of warm water (the water temperature is about 50°, not too hot, the glutinous rice flour is hot and soft), and stir evenly with chopsticks to form a flocculent

Dry Fried Dumplings recipe

3. Knead it into a dough and dry it slightly. Cover and wake up for a while (this will make the filling very good, because today I made fried glutinous rice balls, if they are boiled, the dough can be slightly softer, so that the glutinous rice balls are soft and fragrant)

Dry Fried Dumplings recipe

4. Remove the outer skin of the prawn crisps and use a rolling pin to roll them into fine powder. The powder is the best. This is a mixture of peanuts with a strong sweetness. It is especially fragrant and delicious as a glutinous rice ball filling.

Dry Fried Dumplings recipe

5. You can add a little salad oil or olive oil to the prawn pastry filling and stir well, so that the dumplings are good and the filling is not easy to show.

Dry Fried Dumplings recipe

6. It can be divided into several equal parts, take a ball and knead it into a nest. The size is determined by yourself. It is better to fry a little bit larger.

Dry Fried Dumplings recipe

7. Put the peanut filling, (it can be your favorite filling), and round the mouth.

Dry Fried Dumplings recipe

8. It can be divided into several equal parts, take a ball and knead it into a nest. The size is determined by yourself. It is better to fry a little bit larger. Put in peanut filling (which can be your favorite filling) and close the mouth and knead it. Then press it a little bit and arrange it into a square or a circle. The shape is determined by yourself.  Sprinkle a little dry glutinous rice flour on top to prevent adhesion and do everything.

Dry Fried Dumplings recipe

9. Brush the oil in the electric cake gear, turn on the electricity, and select the appropriate function. Some electric cake pans must be preheated in advance and added to the glutinous rice ball for frying.

Dry Fried Dumplings recipe

10. The electric baking pan can only use the function, and then brush one side with a layer of vegetable oil

Dry Fried Dumplings recipe

11. After the function program is over, just take it out of the pot, take a bite, it's too fragrant, full of peanut fragrant, hurry up and save it!

Dry Fried Dumplings recipe


1. The glutinous rice ball filling can be prepared by yourself, the sweetness is the most fragrant and delicious
2. Don't make the dough too soft, it will not be easy to fry, and it will be easily deformed
3. If there is no electric baking pan at home, you can use a frying pan or an electric frying pan.


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