Brown Sugar Nut Soft European Bread

Brown Sugar Nut Soft European Bread

by Happy and happy

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After entering January, my time has become even more tense. The eldest daughter spends a lot of time at home, and the younger daughter crawls around now, and puts things in her mouth when she catches things. She can’t do without people for a while, always worrying that she doesn’t know anything. What did I eat at that time. Because the boss is at home, the second child’s work and rest time is often disrupted. The second child sleeps lightly. He is often awakened by the sound made by her sister intentionally or unintentionally when she falls asleep. However, three meals a day must not be missed, my lord. You can be hungry, children can't be hungry! When the bear kids are on holiday, there is less free time to be a mother, especially there are two bear kids! This bread was made last week, but the code word has been delayed until now.

This brown sugar nut soft European bread is one of my favorites, because it doesn’t need to knead the dough too much, it suits my current state, and I don’t have time to knead the dough. I often mix and knead it when my second child is not upset. It can be fermented in a basin in a few strokes, and the shaping time in the middle is also very short. Let the second child sit in the baby dining chair for a while and give a fruit stick to eat it, and it can be shaped or sifted. The flour went into the oven. This non-kneading bread is also very suitable for friends who want to eat homemade bread but can't knead. Many people say "I can't knead" when they hear making bread. The kneading of this bread is just a few simple kneadings. , Just mix well, and novices can do it well. The overall ingredients of this bread are also very healthy. It has no oil, low sugar, and a lot of nuts. It supplements physical fitness without worrying about getting fat. It is a kind of bread that many people who love fitness exercises like. Of course, if you eat it at once Too much will definitely make you fat. The method is very simple, please read down for the detailed process.

Brown Sugar Nut Soft European Bread

1. Mix warm water, brown sugar, eggs, and high-sugar-tolerant yeast powder in a small bowl and mix well;

Brown Sugar Nut Soft European Bread recipe

2. Put in the flour

Brown Sugar Nut Soft European Bread recipe

3. Knead it into a dough, it doesn't need to be very smooth, just knead it to form a dough; put it in a small bowl, cover with plastic wrap and ferment to double its size;

Brown Sugar Nut Soft European Bread recipe

4. The fermented dough is opened with this honeycomb shape;

Brown Sugar Nut Soft European Bread recipe

5. Vent the dough, spread it out, put the prepared mixed nuts on the dough, wrap it up and knead it well. I have almonds, cashews, pistachios, raisins, dried cranberries, etc. There is also a very large nut that I don’t know what its name is, but I cut it down a bit; all can be eaten directly

Brown Sugar Nut Soft European Bread recipe

6. The nuts have been evenly distributed in the dough, and then divided into two small doughs; cover with plastic wrap and let stand for 15 minutes;

Brown Sugar Nut Soft European Bread recipe

7. Knead the static dough a few times to form an olive shape and place it in a baking tray;

Brown Sugar Nut Soft European Bread recipe

8. Put it in the oven and leave it to ferment for about 30 minutes. It is obvious that the bread embryo has expanded a lot;

Brown Sugar Nut Soft European Bread recipe

9. Use a flour sieve to sift some dry flour on the bread dough, and then use a sharp knife to make a small cut on the bread;

Brown Sugar Nut Soft European Bread recipe

10. Preheat the oven at 180 degrees, tender roast mode, middle and lower layer, upper and lower fire, bake for about 25 minutes; watching the bread expand in the oven feels pretty good.

Brown Sugar Nut Soft European Bread recipe

11. Well, the bread is out of the oven and can be taken out.

Brown Sugar Nut Soft European Bread recipe

12. This low-sugar and oil-free bread is ready without any effort to knead the dough. It's very simple. The color of the noodles kneaded with brown sugar is darker. I personally like it. If there is no brown sugar, the white sugar is the same, but the color will be lighter than this.

Brown Sugar Nut Soft European Bread recipe


The nuts can be mixed by themselves. If the nuts are too big, they can be cut in advance.


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