Corn Pudding

Corn Pudding

by Nine Color Deer

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Today, when food is becoming more and more refined and the intake of dietary fiber is gradually decreasing, pay attention to increasing coarse grains and supplementing dietary fiber is still necessary. Corn cake is one of them, and the method is zero difficulty. This time I still used the cake button of the pressure cooker to make it. The bottom of the finished product has a thin layer of charred bottom, which is more chewy and more delicious. It feels more like a cornmeal cake in Jiaodong. Not bad.

Buy the fine cornmeal, the taste of the finished product will not be coarse, you can put sugar, or honey, dates, raisins, etc. When making the batter, use milk instead of water to taste better. If you like a softer one, you can add baking powder. In short, whole grains can also be eaten with hundreds of flavors.


Corn Pudding

1. Mix ordinary flour and cornmeal.

Corn Pudding recipe

2. Yeast is melted in warm milk.

Corn Pudding recipe

3. And form a group.

Corn Pudding recipe

4. Put it into the inner pot of the pressure cooker and spread it flat and enlarge the jujube on the surface. Cover with plastic wrap and ferment twice as big in a warm place.

Corn Pudding recipe

5. Just activate the pressure cooker cake button.

Corn Pudding recipe


1. Add the amount of liquid according to the situation, the softer the surface, the softer the finished product.
2. For softer ones, add baking powder.
3. It can also be steamed directly in the pot.


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