Bunny Weightlifting of Fancy Pasta

Bunny Weightlifting of Fancy Pasta

by twinsliuliu

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Among many sports events, Liuliu likes gymnastics and weightlifting the most. I like the softness of gymnastics and the power of weightlifting! Today, I created a patterned pasta about weightlifting, which turned the cute rabbit into a Hercules. start to act! I'm naughty again~

Bunny Weightlifting of Fancy Pasta

1. Ingredients: ordinary flour: 500g, yeast: 4g, aluminum-free baking powder: 1g

Bunny Weightlifting of Fancy Pasta recipe

2. Prepare ingredients. Pumpkin (small): half, red yeast rice powder: a little, matcha powder: a little. Steam the pumpkin. Pumpkins can be sliced and steamed to facilitate ripening. After being steamed, crushed into puree for later use. Also need to prepare chopsticks: 1 piece.

Bunny Weightlifting of Fancy Pasta recipe

3. Add the flour to the yeast and baking powder, mix well and divide into four portions. Three of them are made into three colorful doughs with pumpkin puree, red yeast rice powder, and matcha powder, and the other one is made into white dough with water. Put the four-color dough in different containers, cover with moist cloth, and ferment separately. The white dough is slightly larger, and the other colors are assigned sizes according to your own preferences.

Bunny Weightlifting of Fancy Pasta recipe

4. When the dough has risen to 1.5 to 2 times its original size, it can be added. Use white dough to make the main body of the bunny. First take a small piece of dough, round it to make a bunny's head, and then rub two small pieces of dough into long strips to make ears.

Bunny Weightlifting of Fancy Pasta recipe

5. Take a small piece of dough and roll it into a drop shape to make the bunny's body. Fix it to the head.

Bunny Weightlifting of Fancy Pasta recipe

6. Take a small piece of noodles and make the shape of your feet. Use a knife to cut out three toes on the top of your foot and pinch the cut toes together.

Bunny Weightlifting of Fancy Pasta recipe

7. Fix your feet to your body.

Bunny Weightlifting of Fancy Pasta recipe

8. Take two pieces of noodles and make two hands according to the method of the feet, and fix the hands on the chopsticks to make the state where the small hands hold the bars. After finishing this component, put it aside, wait for the bunny to put on the vest, and then assemble it.

Bunny Weightlifting of Fancy Pasta recipe

9. Take two small pieces of pink dough and knead it into a long strip and press it on both ears to make the ears more vivid. Take the yellow dough to make the shape of the vest and fix it on the body. You can choose the color according to your preference. At this time, fix the two small hands holding the bars on the body. Use two beans for the eyes.

Bunny Weightlifting of Fancy Pasta recipe

10. Take the pink dough to make the shape of small shorts and fix it on the body. According to your preference, choose different colors to make barbell plates to represent different barbell weights. After everything is done, place it in a warm place for secondary fermentation.

Bunny Weightlifting of Fancy Pasta recipe

11. Observe that the volume of the steamed bun becomes larger and the surface of the dough is fluffy and rises. Steam it on the pot and cook it in 15 minutes after SAIC. The steaming time should be increased or decreased according to the size of the noodles you make. When mature, use food coloring pens to draw small mouths and other decorations.

Bunny Weightlifting of Fancy Pasta recipe

12. Dear viewers, dear viewers, what you are watching is the live broadcast of the Men's Weightlifting Final in the Animal World 6kg class.
Now playing is Bunny Zhuangzhuang. This is his third clean and jerk, weighing 15 kilograms.
According to the results of the first two trials, as long as this trial is successful, Zhuang Zhuang can win the gold medal in this project.
Zhuang Zhuang is on the court. "Sai!" Zhuangzhuang is cheering for himself! We also cheer for Zhuangzhuang!
Grab the barbell... adjust your breathing... straighten your waist... take a deep breath...
Pretty! The process is clean and neat! Zhuangzhuang won the gold medal in this project with impeccable action! Congratulations to Zhuangzhuang!
This is a report sent by Liuliu from the game scene~

Bunny Weightlifting of Fancy Pasta recipe


1. Cut the pumpkin into thin slices and then steam, the thinner the better, which shortens the steaming time and saves energy.
The steamed pumpkin should be mashed after the water is cleaned to prevent too much water and the noodles are too soft.
2. The noodles should be a little harder to make it easier to shape. I didn’t add any water to my pumpkin noodles, depending on the draft of the flour.
3. After turning off the heat, let it cool for 3-5 minutes and then lift the lid to prevent the finished product from collapsing due to rapid cooling.
4. In this case, I made two sets of rabbits and barbells of the same size. You can increase or decrease the amount of flour and ingredients according to the size and quantity of pasta you want to make.


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