Butterfly Steamed Buns

Butterfly Steamed Buns

by twinsliuliu

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Today I will share with you a very simple and easy-to-learn, cute-looking patterned pasta butterfly method. Friends who like to make pasta quickly try it out to ensure that there is no failure!

Butterfly Steamed Buns

1. Prepare ingredients. Ordinary flour: 500g, yeast: 4g, aluminum-free baking powder: 1g, red yeast rice powder: 3g

Butterfly Steamed Buns recipe

2. Mix the yeast and baking powder into the flour and mix well. The two-color doughs of the original color and pink (with red yeast powder) are produced respectively, and the two doughs are of the same size. Put the two-color dough in a different container and cover with a moist cloth, and ferment separately in a warm place.

Butterfly Steamed Buns recipe

3. Start making the dough when it rises to 1.5 to 2 times its original size. Take an appropriate amount of the original color dough, roll out a rectangular dough sheet, the thickness is moderate. Take the same amount of pink dough and roll it into a dough piece the size of the original color dough piece. Put the two dough pieces together.

Butterfly Steamed Buns recipe

4. Roll the two-color dough sheet into a roll, and try to roll it tightly without slack.

Butterfly Steamed Buns recipe

5. According to personal preference, cut the roll into uniform size. The two agents are in a group, the side with the interface is placed on the inside, and the chopsticks are used to clamp it toward the center to form the embryonic shape of a butterfly.

Butterfly Steamed Buns recipe

6. As shown in the picture, use a knife to cut out the tentacles of the butterfly.

Butterfly Steamed Buns recipe

7. Pinch out the small tips at the top of the butterfly's wing and pinch all four tips to make the butterfly more vivid. After all the butterflies are prepared, a second fermentation is carried out. Observe that the volume becomes large and the surface of the dough is fluffy and rises. Steam it on the pot and cook it in 15 minutes after SAIC. The steaming time should be increased or decreased according to the size of the pasta.

Butterfly Steamed Buns recipe

8. If you bloom,
The breeze comes.
If the heart is ups and downs,
A little smile An Ran.
If the flowers are in full bloom,
Butterflies come.
If you are wonderful,
Arranged every day.

Butterfly Steamed Buns recipe


1. The noodles should be a little harder to make it easier to shape.
2. After turning off the fire, let it cool for 3-5 minutes and then lift the lid to prevent the finished product from collapsing due to rapid cooling.
3. According to your personal preference, you can use other ingredients as natural dyes to make different color combinations and make colorful butterflies.


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