Candied Date Zongzi

Candied Date Zongzi

by Perfect-Yi woman

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The first time I ate zongzi was when I was 8 years old. My mother returned to Grandma Chengde’s house, took back the jujube and bamboo leaves, and wrapped the rice dumplings with rhubarb rice for us. I thought it tasted really delicious! When I grew up, I ate Jiangmi (glutinous rice) dumplings for the first time in Liaoyang. At that time, I walked out of school and worked for someone for the first time. At that time, the work was very hard. She often had night shifts. Because of her husband’s cheating, she often refused to buy food for us. It happened to be the Dragon Boat Festival. She packed a lot of rice dumplings for sale, and left a lot of dumplings for the workers to eat. Basically, they ate every day. For almost a week, many workers couldn’t eat, so they secretly threw them in the trash can, and I ate for a whole week, my colleagues were surprised, and I really like to eat, cool, soft, sweet, hahahaha ! That is the only beautiful memory of those hard working days! I don’t know, how are the sisters who worked together now? There is also the only boy-Zhang Fengyi (from Shenyang). After attending the sports school, how is it now? At that time you took care of me and liked me. At that time, you didn't confess, and I was stupid and didn't understand your heart. I wish you all a good life here. I keep the photos and miss you!


Candied Date Zongzi

1. Jiangmi's choice, this round grain tastes sticky. Ours is called "Jiang Mi", in some places it is called "Nuo Mi"

Candied Date Zongzi recipe

2. Soak in clean water overnight and put it in a cool place

Candied Date Zongzi recipe

3. Pour out the water the next day and rinse twice with clean water

Candied Date Zongzi recipe

4. Soak the bamboo leaves in clean water for an hour, wipe each leaf with a clean towel, there is dust on the leaves, and then boil it for 5 minutes.

Candied Date Zongzi recipe

5. Candied dates, washed jujube, thick white thread for clothes, scissors, soup spoon for Sheng Jiangmi

Candied Date Zongzi recipe

6. I started from the tip of the leaf and folded a triangle

Candied Date Zongzi recipe

7. Fold in half into a triangle, first enlarge the dates, then add rice, and put two candied dates on top. There is a video on the Internet to watch. It’s not convenient to take pictures when I pack it myself. It looks like this initially. This is the last leaf left. I have finished packing.

Candied Date Zongzi recipe

8. Put the wrapped rice dumplings into the steamer one by one and arrange them

Candied Date Zongzi recipe

9. Put a curtain of steamed buns on the zongzi, and then put a steel basin that can be put into it. The basin is filled with water and lid, so that it can hold the zongzi and prevent the zongzi from turning over and boil when the water is boiling. Eggs can be placed in the basin. , Put more if you like

Candied Date Zongzi recipe

10. Simmer for two hours! Take the pot out, break the egg skin into the zongzi, cook for another half an hour, turn off the heat and let it go overnight, you can eat it the next day!

Candied Date Zongzi recipe


The rice dumplings are mainly soaked in rice and boiled over a slow fire. It is recommended not to use a pressure cooker. Because the pressure cooker is pressed out, it is not tough to eat. It is better to soak overnight and then eat it. Cold blisters


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