Lily Laba Congee

Lily Laba Congee

by Epoch Jamie 3511912325

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Laba drink eight-treasure porridge


Lily Laba Congee

1. Prepare black glutinous rice to soak for 8 hours

Lily Laba Congee recipe

2. Soak red beans and mung beans for 8 hours.

Lily Laba Congee recipe

3. Prepare the big yellow rice and soak the rice for 8 hours.

Lily Laba Congee recipe

4. Put the ingredients into the pot, add water, red dates, rock sugar, and lily soak.

Lily Laba Congee recipe

5. Add the right amount of water

Lily Laba Congee recipe

6. Boil for about 60 minutes before being out of the pot.

Lily Laba Congee recipe

7. Put it into a bowl, sweet and waxy.

Lily Laba Congee recipe


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