Carrot Mustard Soup

Carrot Mustard Soup

by coldly (from Tencent.)

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The snail mustard soup is a seafood soup that my old man has always liked. Usually when there is no soup at home, I would choose this fast soup. It is quick to produce and tastes very delicious, and it will be a hot summer to eat some mustard greens!


Carrot Mustard Soup

1. Preparation materials: wash car snails, wash mustard greens and cut into sections, smash garlic, and slice ginger

Carrot Mustard Soup recipe

2. Add a little oil to the wok, stir fragrant ginger and garlic, stir fry the snails

Carrot Mustard Soup recipe

3. Stir fry the car snails until the opening is adding cooking wine to remove the fishy, put it out, boil water in a pot, and add mustard greens

Carrot Mustard Soup recipe

4. The mustard greens basically change color. 8 When they are ripe, the snails will be boiled for a while, seasoned with salt and pepper, and ready to be out.

Carrot Mustard Soup recipe


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