Mustard recipes

Seasonal Vegetable Crucian Fish Bowl

Crucian Carp, Thousand Sheets, Squash

Fried Mustard and Seasonal Vegetables

Spring Cake, Mustard, Purple Cabbage

Stir-fried String Beans

Green Beans, Minced Meat, Minced Garlic

Hometown Snacks Clear Soup

Lean Meat, Clear Soup Skin, Mustard

Green Pepper Stuffed Meat

Green Pepper, Meat, Mustard

Duck Blood Vermicelli Soup

Duck Blood, Rice Noodles, Duck

Meatballs and Vegetable Soup

Meatball, Mustard, Thick Soup Treasure

Chicken Soup

Mustard, Chicken Feet, Egg

Shiitake and Umami Claypot Rice

Rice, Shiitake, Mustard

Assorted Fried Rice

Rice, Sausage, Cucumber

Kuaishou Clear Soup Wonton

Ravioli, Egg, Lettuce

Mustard Egg Soup

Egg, Mustard, Oil

Mustard Tofu Lean Meat Soup

Mustard, Minced Meat, Tofu


All-purpose Or Low-gluten Flour, Water, Oil