Cat's Claw Gnocchi

Cat's Claw Gnocchi

by Leyla REIRA

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The method is very simple, but it is really cute.


Cat's Claw Gnocchi

1. The materials are ready. The red color of cat's claw can be red yeast rice powder, bubble fruit milk or food coloring. If you have red velvet liquid on hand, just use this, five or six drops are enough;

Cat's Claw Gnocchi recipe

2. First, add warm water to the glutinous rice flour, and measure it at 60-70 degrees;

Cat's Claw Gnocchi recipe

3. Use a small spatula to process the glutinous rice dough;

Cat's Claw Gnocchi recipe

4. Cut out a quarter of the white glutinous rice ball and add the red velvet liquid to knead it into a pink glutinous rice dough. It is best to wrap the dough with plastic wrap to prevent the dough from drying out;

Cat's Claw Gnocchi recipe

5. Then divide into equal-sized dough;

Cat's Claw Gnocchi recipe

6. One large dough and four small doughs are rounded together to form a cat's claw shape;

Cat's Claw Gnocchi recipe

7. Then knead the pink dough and squeeze it on the white cat's paw;

Cat's Claw Gnocchi recipe

8. Boil in a pot of boiling water over low heat. Use a wooden spatula to prevent it from sticking to the bottom. Cook until the cat's claws float and the size is about 1.5 times the original.

Cat's Claw Gnocchi recipe

9. If you like, you can add some sweet-scented osmanthus, cute.

Cat's Claw Gnocchi recipe


1. It is better not to use cold water for glutinous rice dough, because glutinous rice balls made with cold water are not flexible and easy to crack; while glutinous rice balls made with boiled water are too sticky, so warm water is better;
2. Because different glutinous rice flour has different water absorption, it is recommended to add some water first and leave a little water to adjust as appropriate;
3. The material for coloring cat's paws can be used according to your own preferences, or you can change other colors to make more lovely glutinous rice balls;
4. Put the plastic wrap on the operation board during the production process, so that the cat's paw can be easily picked up to prevent adhesion to the operation board;
5. You can also add sugar or wrap fillings to the glutinous rice dough to increase the flavor.


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