Flower Dumplings

Flower Dumplings

by HumiL

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I use coloring because I’m lazy. If I think it’s unhealthy, I can use spinach juice, carrot juice, etc. Hot noodles are made of Q bombs. This was done before, hahaha, it looks a bit rough now.


Flower Dumplings

1. Add a little salt to the glutinous rice flour

Flower Dumplings recipe

2. Add the right amount of sugar to the water

Flower Dumplings recipe

3. After boiling the water, add a little bit of glutinous rice flour

Flower Dumplings recipe

4. Knead into dough

Flower Dumplings recipe

5. Divide the dumplings, add color

Flower Dumplings recipe

6. Knead into various colors of dough

Flower Dumplings recipe

7. Stuffing

Flower Dumplings recipe

8. After kneading into a ball, knead 4 small drop-shaped doughs, arrange them on the glutinous rice balls, then press the shape with a toothpick, and add a small round dough in the middle to make a flower shape

Flower Dumplings recipe

9. In the same way, many different patterns can be made

Flower Dumplings recipe

10. After it’s done, it’s done

Flower Dumplings recipe


1. The pigment can be replaced with various vegetable juices
2. The color can be played freely, and the stamp should be darker, and it will be obvious when it is cooked


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