Chicken Soup

Chicken Soup

by Ah Da^.^

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Compared to pork rib soup, I love chicken soup more, and the baby at home also follows me. Chicken soup is delicious and nutritious. It can also relieve cold symptoms and improve the body's immune function!


Chicken Soup

1. The chicken is cleaned, remove the excess fat inside, and cut into pieces

Chicken Soup recipe

2. Pot under cold water, boil slowly

Chicken Soup recipe

3. After boiling, there will be a lot of foam

Chicken Soup recipe

4. Turn off the heat and pour out the chicken nuggets, then no water

Chicken Soup recipe

5. Add a little oil to the pot and add the ginger slices

Chicken Soup recipe

6. Then pour in the chicken nuggets, stir fry until the skin is slightly browned, turn off the heat

Chicken Soup recipe

7. Pour boiling water in the clay pot and add the rice wine to it

Chicken Soup recipe

8. Put it in the sliced ginger

Chicken Soup recipe

9. Pour in the fried chicken nuggets, don’t pour in the excess oil after frying

Chicken Soup recipe

10. Put the lid on and let it simmer for 3 hours.

Chicken Soup recipe

11. After it's cooked, put it in a bowl and put some salt on it!

Chicken Soup recipe


1. Put the salt directly in the bowl, don't put it in the cooked soup, so that the soup is more conducive to storage!
2. Our chicken soup and ribs soup are used to fry them first, it is said that this will be more fragrant!


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