Chaiji recipes

Chicken Soup

Chaiji, Rice Wine, Ginger

Chicken Soup Squid Noodles

Chaiji, Squid, Hand-rolled Noodles

Chongqing Saliva Chicken

Chaiji, Hot Pepper, Chicken Soup

Bang Bang Chicken Shreds

Chaiji, Cucumber, Shallot

Chicken Cordyceps Soup

Chaiji, Cordyceps Flower, Cooking Wine

Ground Chicken Soup

Guts, Chaiji, Ginger

Red Date Chai Chicken Soup

Chaiji, Red Dates, Shiitake Mushrooms

Pepper Chicken

Chaiji, Pepper Powder, Chili Oil

Iron Wok Chai Chicken

Chaiji, Fresh Shiitake Mushrooms, Green Onions

Sour and Spicy Chai Chicken Stewed with Mushrooms

Chaiji, Dried Shiitake Mushrooms, Onion

Top Soup-jiesai Private Kitchen

Ribs, Chaiji, Chicken Feet

Spicy Grilled Chai Chicken

Chaiji, Onion, Ginger

Lanzhou Beef Noodle

High-gluten Flour, Beef, Chaiji

Spicy Roast Chicken

Chaiji, Spicy Red Oil, Salt