Chicken Soup Powder

Chicken Soup Powder

by Shui Qingqing

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Chicken soup powder, light and delicious, nutritious and healthy, suitable for all ages.


Chicken Soup Powder

1. Steamed chicken soup, a packet of potato flour

Chicken Soup Powder recipe

2. Unpack the potato flour and clean it first

Chicken Soup Powder recipe

3. Put some water in the pot and pour the chicken broth to boil

Chicken Soup Powder recipe

4. Put in potato flour

Chicken Soup Powder recipe

5. Put some salt

Chicken Soup Powder recipe

6. Boil the flour until soft

Chicken Soup Powder recipe

7. Put some chives. My family just used garlic and celery instead of chives.

Chicken Soup Powder recipe

8. So fragrant chicken soup powder

Chicken Soup Powder recipe


When steamed chicken is eaten, leave a little boiled powder to eat, which is very tasty.


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