Chicken Wings with Swiss Sauce

Chicken Wings with Swiss Sauce

by rosejyy2000

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Swiss sauce chicken wings is a kind of Hong Kong brine dish. The method is similar to ordinary brine. The difference is that common brine is salty, while Swiss sauce is sweet, so it is also called "sweet brined chicken wings". Swiss sauce is prepared with spices such as star anise and tangerine peel. It is also boiled together with rock sugar and marinade. Put the chicken wings into sweet brine and cook first and then soak them. With a hint of sweetness, the taste is amazing! (From Baidu Encyclopedia)

There is also a record in historical materials. It is said that a few foreigners ran to a restaurant to eat a dish called "Soy Wing". They found it so sweet and delicious, so they kept praising "Sweet!" in English. No, I went to ask a comprador, but there was a loss of information in the transmission process, and the voice was pronounced "Swiss". The comprador said: "This is Switzerland." So the name of the dish was decided, and the juice was also good. Called Swiss juice. (Excerpted from I also searched a few information on the Internet. I did it comprehensively. It was really good. At first, the leaders felt that the color was darker and skeptical. I said, don’t be subjective, just taste it and come to a conclusion, who knows I couldn't stop eating. I pinched the chicken wings with my three fingers on the left and right. I ate it with relish and shouted that it was delicious. I told him that it would be prosperous if I listened to my wife. "


Chicken Wings with Swiss Sauce

1. Cut the chicken wing root and the middle wing apart, and cut two knives on the wing root and the back of the middle wing to make it more delicious;

Chicken Wings with Swiss Sauce recipe

2. Drop the chicken wings in cold water, put a few slices of ginger, turn on medium heat, force out the blood and florets of the wings, remove them, and rinse them with hot water;

Chicken Wings with Swiss Sauce recipe

3. Put it in a pot filled with Swiss juice, turn off the high heat and turn off the low heat, cook for about 20-30 minutes, then turn off the heat and simmer for about 10-15 minutes;

Chicken Wings with Swiss Sauce recipe

4. After picking up the chicken wings, use a mesh sieve to separate the residues, put it in a bottle after cooling, and store it in the refrigerator for second use;

Chicken Wings with Swiss Sauce recipe

5. If you are worried that the chicken wings are not flavorful enough, you can put a small half-rice bowl of Swiss sauce in a pot, turn on the fire, inject starch water, stir constantly, cook until the juice bubbles and become transparent, pour it into a juice pot or bowl, and pour it on the chicken wings when eating.

Chicken Wings with Swiss Sauce recipe


1. The juice cannot be used up at one time. After cooling, it is bottled and placed in the refrigerator. Generally speaking, the latter part of the refrigerator is relatively cold, and it is better to put it later;

2. When you want to use the last juice, if it is too thick, you can add some water and boil it. If it is not thick enough, you can add a bit of Swiss juice according to the approximate ratio and cook. If it is not salty or sweet enough, you can also add it accordingly Some rock candy or light soy sauce, in a word, follow the above-mentioned method, and adjust the ingredients and taste every time.


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