Childhood Memories——piantang Tangyuan

Childhood Memories——piantang Tangyuan

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Maybe you haven't eaten this glutinous rice dumpling, or even have never heard of this sliced sugar glutinous rice dumpling, but it is a fond memory of my childhood. I remember when I was young, my mother often made this cheap and delicious glutinous rice dumpling for us. When she sliced the sugar, we would stand by and grab a slice of sugar. It was not only a sweet bite, but also a kind of childhood. pleasure!


Childhood Memories——piantang Tangyuan

1. Cut the piece of sugar into granules.

Childhood Memories——piantang Tangyuan recipe

2. Mix the glutinous rice flour and powdered sugar by hand in advance.

Childhood Memories——piantang Tangyuan recipe

3. Bring the water to a boil, because what we need is the boiling water that has just been boiled and the dough.

Childhood Memories——piantang Tangyuan recipe

4. Add boiling water to the flour, add little by little, while stirring evenly with chopsticks, until the dough is soft and hard and does not stick to your hands.

Childhood Memories——piantang Tangyuan recipe

5. Divide the dough into medium-sized agents

Childhood Memories——piantang Tangyuan recipe

6. After rounding, press a groove with your thumb, wrap the rock candy in the dough, and round it one by one. After the water has boiled, add the glutinous rice balls and cook them. The remaining sugar can also be added for seasoning. After it is boiled, cook the rice balls over medium heat and slowly cook until the glutinous rice balls float.

Childhood Memories——piantang Tangyuan recipe


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