Chocolate Glaze Cake

Chocolate Glaze Cake


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The gorgeous outside is delicious fruit cream cake, the queen fan full of chocolate glaze cake, suitable for every queen who loves herself! ~~by@镜月之鱼


Chocolate Glaze Cake

1. Prepare all the ingredients, first make an egg yolk paste, add sugar to the egg yolk and mix with a manual whisk until the sugar melts.

Chocolate Glaze Cake recipe

2. Add corn oil, mix into an emulsified state, add water, and mix well.

Chocolate Glaze Cake recipe

3. Add the sifted low-gluten flour in three times, draw a Z-shape and mix well.

Chocolate Glaze Cake recipe

4. Add the egg whites to the lemon juice, turn on the maximum gear of the cook machine, divide into three to add fine sugar, and beat until there are upright sharp corners.

Chocolate Glaze Cake recipe

5. Add the egg whites to the egg yolk paste three times and mix well.

Chocolate Glaze Cake recipe

6. The batter is poured into two 6-inch chiffon cake molds on average from a high place, and large bubbles are shaken out.

Chocolate Glaze Cake recipe

7. COUSS CO-960A hot air circulating oven, after preheating at 150 degrees, put it in the lower layer and bake for about 50 minutes.

Chocolate Glaze Cake recipe

8. After the cake is out of the oven, shake the heat and upside down. After the cake is completely cooled, it will be removed from the mold and divided into three pieces.

Chocolate Glaze Cake recipe

9. Prepare the filling, slice the fruit, whipped cream and sugar until it becomes a little harder.

Chocolate Glaze Cake recipe

10. Stack the cake slices in the order of one layer of cream and one layer of fruit slices. The sides of the cake can be wiped with excess cream. Prevent the cake crumbs from running around when spreading the noodles.

Chocolate Glaze Cake recipe

11. Distribute the whipped cream on the noodles until 6-7. Use a flat decorating nozzle to spread the cream around the cake. Finally, use a scraper to rotate it. If it is not smooth, you can rotate it a few more times. After spreading the noodles, put the cake in the refrigerator to shape.

Chocolate Glaze Cake recipe

12. To make the glaze, stir the chocolate, light cream, and gelatin insulation water to melt completely, cool to hand temperature, put it into a piping bag, cut a small mouth and squeeze around the surface of the cake, and finally put flowers on the glaze. Decorate your cake according to your favorite design.

Chocolate Glaze Cake recipe


1. Use a chef's machine to beat the egg whites, start with the highest level, and finally finish it at a medium speed to make the egg whites more delicate.
2. It is better to slice the stuffed fruit, leave a little in the middle to prevent the fruit from falling when cutting the cake.
3. The state of the stuffed cream is different from that of the noodles. The cream of the noodles should not be whipped too hard.
4. When spreading the cake, use a spatula to turn the upper layer around the cake at an angle of 30 degrees. If the balance is uneven, turn it a few more times and modify the edges and corners.
5. The flowers used are cleaned and disinfected with light salt water, and the branches and stems are wrapped in plastic wrap, mainly for hygiene when inserting the cake, and the moisture is still in the plastic wrap, these flowers can also be kept fresh.
6. When making the glaze, if the state is not well grasped, you can find a mold to test it first, and it is best to freeze the cake for 20 minutes before operating, so that the chocolate will solidify instantly when it drips, and the glaze will not be too thin because it is very thin Without control.


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