Sticky Rolls

Sticky Rolls

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When making the cinnamon rolls, put the sticky rolls aside. Although it is good for cinnamon, the "0.6cm thick caramel syrup" is prohibitive. Caramel syrup, which is sugar except for oil, only reminds people of the previous sentence-"The fat it contains will grow directly to your buttocks." Although this is not used to talk about sticky bread rolls.
I don't like sweet bread, especially sweet bread with heavy oil and sugar. But the practice of baking the dough on caramel syrup and turning it over to the bottom, and the taste of cinnamon, is really a temptation.
It's getting colder and colder, and this kind of sweet bread seems to be able to provide heat from the cold. Just give it a try. Use only 1/3 of the dough, and the caramel syrup is only 1/5 of the amount. Don’t put a thick layer of 0.6 cm on it, just take a thin layer and look at the bottom. The effect is good. For the five small rolls, the caramel syrup that was supposed to cover the entire baking tray was only a thin layer on each dough position. The middle one is thicker, half of 0.6 cm, let's see what kind of difference will be produced between the thickness. Such a stingy way of use leaves most of the 1/5 portion of caramel syrup. The next question we will face is how to solve the remaining syrup? Fortunately, "store the remaining part in the refrigerator for next use. It can be stored in an airtight container for several months."
Watching the caramel syrup turn into brown magma in the hot oven, gurgling and tumbling, I instantly understood why such a thick layer was applied to the baking tray-after the syrup melted, the bottom of the dough would dip into it. It's like frying in a shallow frying pan. When the baking is over, the bottom is turned over, and the top and the upper part of the sides will be covered with caramel. This is definitely not the effect that a little thin caramel syrup can produce by yourself. Moreover, due to the low temperature and too little caramel syrup, the syrup flowing in the baking pan quickly becomes lumpy after being baked, and it is impossible to "use a spatula to carefully apply the syrup to the bread". But think about the oil, think about the sugar, even a little bit of caramel attached to the surface is enough.
Leave the sticky rolls with thick caramel syrup to imagination. If they are sweetened, they will probably never be thought of.


Sticky Rolls

1. Dough ingredients: 32.5ml granulated sugar, 1/3 teaspoon salt, 26g butter, 15g egg, 1/3 teaspoon lemon zest, 150g high-gluten flour, 2g dry yeast, 88ml milk,
Cinnamon sugar: 1 32.5 ml granulated sugar, 1.5 tsp of cinnamon powder. Fruit material: appropriate amount of walnuts, appropriate amount of raisins. Caramel syrup: 23.5 ml of granulated sugar, 23.5 ml of brown sugar, 3 ml of lemon juice, 45 g of butter, 0.5 ml of salt, 23.5 ml of corn syrup

Sticky Rolls recipe

2. Mix the sugar, salt and butter in the dough, mix well, and set aside. Pour other materials into the bread bucket, start the kneading process, and mix well

Sticky Rolls recipe

3. Add the butter mixture, mix the dough again, and stir until the film can be pulled out. Put it in a large bowl and ferment for about 2 hours. The dough grows up.

Sticky Rolls recipe

4. Pour the butter, salt, sugar, and brown sugar of the caramel syrup into a bowl, and beat with a whisk for 2 minutes. Add corn syrup, pour in lemon juice, and continue stirring for about 5 minutes until the syrup becomes soft and fluffy. spare

Sticky Rolls recipe

5. Mix cinnamon powder and granulated sugar evenly to make cinnamon sugar for later use. Roll the dough into an 18*23 cm rectangle and spread it with cinnamon sugar

Sticky Rolls recipe

6. Roll up and cut into 5 even sections, and place the incision upwards. Spread the caramel syrup on the baking tray, preferably spread all over the baking tray and have a thickness of 0.6 cm

Sticky Rolls recipe

7. Sprinkle a few walnuts and raisins on the surface, put the dough on top of the syrup, cover with plastic wrap, and carry out the final proofing until the dough has grown twice as large. Put it in the oven, the middle level, the upper and lower fire 177 degrees, bake for about 20-30 minutes

Sticky Rolls recipe

8. The surface becomes golden brown, out of the oven, and cool in the baking tray for 5-10 minutes. Place it upside down in another baking dish and use a spatula to spread the dripping syrup onto the bread

Sticky Rolls recipe


The fermentation time needs to be adjusted according to the actual temperature.
If you want to achieve the effect of the original version, it is best to spread the caramel syrup all over the baking tray with a thickness of 0.6 cm.
The baking time and firepower need to be adjusted according to the actual situation.


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