Chocolate Popcorn Bread

Chocolate Popcorn Bread

by Looking for Mimi

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The taste of ice cream is sweet and delicate, and you can make it at home without queuing to buy it.

Chocolate Popcorn Bread

1. Put high-gluten flour, milk, whole egg liquid, fine sugar and yeast powder into the kneading tank.

Chocolate Popcorn Bread recipe

2. Beat into a soft, smooth and elastic dough.

Chocolate Popcorn Bread recipe

3. Add the butter that has been softened in advance, and continue to beat at low speed until the dough can stretch out a more delicate film.

Chocolate Popcorn Bread recipe

4. Put the dough in a container and ferment to double its size in a warm place.

Chocolate Popcorn Bread recipe

5. Take out the dough, pat to exhaust, divide into 6 portions, and relax for 10 minutes.

Chocolate Popcorn Bread recipe

6. The small dough is rounded and placed in a baking tray.

Chocolate Popcorn Bread recipe

7. Ferment in a warm place to 1.5 times the size, sprinkle dry powder on the surface.

Chocolate Popcorn Bread recipe

8. Put it into the preheated oven, heat up to 150 degrees, lower the heat to 180 degrees, bake the lower layer for about 15 minutes, and let it cool after it is out of the oven.

Chocolate Popcorn Bread recipe

9. Pour 30 grams of whipped cream into a milk pan, and heat it to a slight boil. After leaving the fire, cool to 50 degrees and add the white chocolate.

Chocolate Popcorn Bread recipe

10. After mixing well, set aside to cool and set aside, the chocolate ganache is ready.

Chocolate Popcorn Bread recipe

11. Beat the remaining whipped cream to 9 to distribute, pour in the chocolate ganache and mix well. Put the stuffing into the piping bag and refrigerate for later use.

Chocolate Popcorn Bread recipe

12. Pierce a hole on the side or bottom of the bread and squeeze into the filling. Confession of "White" Season

Chocolate Popcorn Bread recipe


The bread filled with stuffing needs to be refrigerated and eaten as soon as possible.


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