Chicken Seasonal Vegetable Pizza

Chicken Seasonal Vegetable Pizza

by Eat delicious aici

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The oven is back~ I’ve been excited for a week, and I’ve been thinking about making pizza by myself. I used to cook it in a pan, but I don’t have the feeling of baking it out of the oven. This time there is an oven. Try it!

Chicken Seasonal Vegetable Pizza

1. First make the crust for the pizza. Put the high-gluten flour in a bowl, add a little yeast, and add cold water to make it flocculent and form a dough. Put it in a warm place to wake up to twice its original size. Poke a hole in the developed dough with your fingers, and it will not shrink, indicating that the dough is well fermented

Chicken Seasonal Vegetable Pizza recipe

2. When we are going to make the noodles, we will make pizza sauce. Add clean water to the pot, add the tomatoes and cook until soft. After the heat is turned off, the tomatoes will be overcooled immediately, and the outer skin can be easily torn off. Mince garlic and onion

Chicken Seasonal Vegetable Pizza recipe

3. Pour olive oil into the pot, add minced garlic and onion until fragrant, cut the tomatoes in, add a little tomato sauce, add a little water, and cook on a low heat

Chicken Seasonal Vegetable Pizza recipe

4. A little chopped basil, pizza straw and black pepper, and when it comes out of the pan, put a little salt

Chicken Seasonal Vegetable Pizza recipe

5. I made my own pizza sauce, it’s done

Chicken Seasonal Vegetable Pizza recipe

6. Thaw the chicken breast, tear off the fascia on the surface, cut into pieces, sprinkle with salt, black pepper, a little cooking wine and barbecue ingredients, marinate for 30 minutes, put it in the oven and heat 160 degrees, 20 minutes

Chicken Seasonal Vegetable Pizza recipe

7. First wipe the pizza pan with butter. The fermented dough is rolled into a thin crust and spread on a pizza pan. Use a fork to densely insert small holes and spread the pizza sauce you make. Preheat the oven, put the pie crust in the oven, heat up and down at 150 degrees, about 5 minutes

Chicken Seasonal Vegetable Pizza recipe

8. Prepare corn kernels, shred onions, shred green peppers, slice shiitake mushrooms, and cut chicken into small cubes. Take out the baked crust, sprinkle one-third of the mozzarella cheese, put various vegetables and meat, and finally sprinkle the remaining cheese. Preheat the oven in advance, put it in the oven, heat up to 230 degrees, lower the heat to 190 degrees, 20 minutes

Chicken Seasonal Vegetable Pizza recipe

9. Serve it out warm~

Chicken Seasonal Vegetable Pizza recipe

10. Cut a piece, let's eat~

Chicken Seasonal Vegetable Pizza recipe


1. The crust and pizza sauce are all made by myself. If you find it troublesome, you can buy ready-made ones;
2. The temperature of the oven must be set according to your own oven.


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