Chocolate Snow Mooncake

Chocolate Snow Mooncake

by Yuchi Pink

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Chocolate snow mooncakes are actually a kind of ice cream mooncakes. It has nothing to do with traditional mooncakes. The taste is different from traditional mooncakes, and the method is very simple. It is estimated that young people will like it.


Chocolate Snow Mooncake

1. Chopped chocolate, put it in a large bowl, and heat it into a paste over water

2. Pour the chocolate paste into one-third of the jelly mold and use a brush to spread around the mold. Freeze in the refrigerator for a few minutes

Chocolate Snow Mooncake recipe

3. Use a small spoon to dig the ice cream into the chocolate-coated mold, and use a small spoon to compact and flatten

4. Finally, cover the ice cream with the remaining chocolate, put it in the refrigerator for half an hour

Chocolate Snow Mooncake recipe
Chocolate Snow Mooncake recipe
Chocolate Snow Mooncake recipe


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