Choi Yun Tangyuan

Choi Yun Tangyuan

by Moonfall Wu Cry (from Tencent...)

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If you eat too much white glutinous rice balls and have a pink color, will you have more appetite? The white and red are unevenly distributed, and each one is unique. Take a bite and make your own fried bean paste, sweet but not greasy. I hope that life will be sweet and reunion!


Choi Yun Tangyuan

1. Slowly add an appropriate amount of hot water to half of the glutinous rice flour, stir first with chopsticks, and then knead into a moderately firm dough.

Choi Yun Tangyuan recipe

2. Add a little red yeast rice powder to the other half of the glutinous rice flour and knead it into a red dough in the same way.

Choi Yun Tangyuan recipe

3. Divide the red bean paste into evenly-sized ingredients and round them. You can make 10 grams of glutinous rice balls for larger ones, and you can make them as you like for smaller ones

Choi Yun Tangyuan recipe

4. Two dough rolls into long strips, entangled with each other

Choi Yun Tangyuan recipe

5. Crumpled into a colorful strip

Choi Yun Tangyuan recipe

6. Use a spatula to cut into equal-sized doses and round them

Choi Yun Tangyuan recipe

7. Stuffing

Choi Yun Tangyuan recipe

8. Bring the water in the pot to a boil first, add the glutinous rice balls, add half a bowl of cold water after the water is boiled, and then boil, the glutinous rice balls will float, and the cooked rice balls are easy to cook.

Choi Yun Tangyuan recipe


Don't cook for too long, the ones that have not been frozen are easy to cook.


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