Claypot Rice

Claypot Rice

by Food writer Adam

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Today, I will introduce you a traditional claypot rice, the rice is dry and fragrant, the meat is salty and fresh, and the rice crust is crispy. It is very worth trying.


Claypot Rice

1. First, steam the lamei in water for 10 minutes until cooked

Claypot Rice recipe

2. Cut the lard oil well, you can refine a little more at once

Claypot Rice recipe

3. The third step: refining lard, pig fee, suet, cut into pieces and put in the pot, put in two slices of ginger and one green onion, add 100 grams of boiling water

Claypot Rice recipe

4. Add boiling water, bring to a boil on high heat, turn to low heat to refine slowly, after refining, filter out and set aside

Claypot Rice recipe

5. In the casserole, brush a layer of lard with a brush

Claypot Rice recipe

6. Add 360 grams of water and grams of salt

Claypot Rice recipe

7. In order to make the rice more fragrant and taste better, we inserted a wooden chopstick into the hole in the lid to prevent the steam from running away

Claypot Rice recipe

8. Middle body stir it with chopsticks

Claypot Rice recipe

9. Brush in the lard with a brush four times in the middle

Claypot Rice recipe

10. At this moment, the raw rice is cooked.

Claypot Rice recipe

11. The cured meat is also steamed

Claypot Rice recipe

12. Cut it while it's hot

Claypot Rice recipe

13. After cutting the cured meat, put it in our cooked rice

Claypot Rice recipe

14. At this time, turn on the fire and sprinkle with chopped green onion and coriander.

Claypot Rice recipe


1. It is more suitable to choose silk rice or oily rice.
2. Divide the lard into four times, apply a small amount of lard to the edge of the rice each time, and brush it in evenly
3. After the meat is finally put in, the surrounding area of the pot should be heated with high heat, and the rice crust should be burnt out. The characteristic of clay pot rice is that the crust is good.


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