Sweet Black Rice and Red Date Rice

Sweet Black Rice and Red Date Rice

by Lilifei

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Black rice porridge with some sugar is a delicious and not greasy dessert. I have a sudden thought tonight, try cooking black rice.

I remember that I bought a triangular black rice in a steamed bun shop outside, with dried raisins and red dates stuck on it, and white rice that was sometimes dyed in purple. I had a bite of sweet, fragrant and tough, and the taste was very good. I guess that This fragrant and tough taste is made with white glutinous rice.

Because the black rice tastes a bit harsh and difficult to boil, I mixed half of the silk rice.

I put diced apples and some dried fruit, the sweetness is enough, generally no sugar is needed.

It is fragrant and fragrant in the process of cooking, because the white rice is mixed, the cooked rice is no longer black and autumnal, the color is shiny, the taste is soft, and the taste is sweet and sour.

The nutritional value of black rice is very high. You can usually cook more porridge or rice, which is also a simple and easy way to keep in good health.

To quote the nutritional value of black rice:

"Black rice is a treasure among our country's rice. In ancient times, it was "tribute rice." Its nutritional value is higher than that of ordinary white rice. It is moist and sweet in taste. It has high nutritional value and medicinal value. It is an ideal food therapy product.

The nutrient richness of black rice is one of the best in rice. Contains 18 kinds of amino acids, selenium, iron, zinc, calcium, manganese, molybdenum and other elements, as well as vitamins b1, b2, and b6, which are beneficial to gastrointestinal digestion, enhance hematopoietic function, and increase hemoglobin.

Eating black rice can nourish the kidneys, improve the functions of the heart, liver, spleen, and stomach, consolidate the body, strengthen the body, and replenish qi, blood, yin and yang. It is a good nutritional supplement for people with weak digestive system.

At the same time, it can nourish the skin, prevent gray hair from appearing early, and has the effect of delaying aging.

In addition, black rice has a certain effect on dizziness, anemia, eye disease, waist and leg soreness.

Black rice can also assist in the treatment of bruises and fractures. Smashing black rice for external application or rubbing with black rice wine internally and externally can speed up the healing process.

Black rice wine can promote sleep. "


Sweet Black Rice and Red Date Rice

1. Wash the red dates and cut into strips, and cut half of the apple into cubes;
Pour black rice and silk miao rice into the pot and wash them together;
Pour red dates, cranberries, dried raisins and diced apples. These ingredients have a sweet taste. If you want a more dessert, you can put in white sugar as appropriate;
Press the rice cooker button and keep it warm for a while after 20 minutes.

Sweet Black Rice and Red Date Rice recipe


1. Dried raisins usually have sand, so it is best to wash them before cooking;

2. The skin of black rice is nutritious, so don't rub it too hard when washing;

3. According to the usual amount of water for cooking rice, it is not necessary to deliberately add more, because the apple will produce water.


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