Clear Soup Hot Pot

Clear Soup Hot Pot

by Simple 7700

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It's cold, it's very comfortable to eat a hot pot, warm and nutritious. On Saturday, I went with my daughter to buy beef and mutton, some meatballs that Cantonese often eat, some pork bones for soup base, and some hot pot ingredients. In the joy of making, I was about to start the meal, but the induction cooker at home was on strike. I haven't had time to take photos yet. Only to cook lamb on the gas stove. Only will take this picture. Let’s have a hot pot and come back for another photo.


Clear Soup Hot Pot

1. For the base soup, take a pot, add pork bones, ginger shreds, red dates (cored) and boil for 1 hour. For convenience, I cook it directly in a pressure cooker, or use a soup pot or small fire.

Clear Soup Hot Pot recipe

2. To prepare the thick soup treasure, I used one thick soup treasure and three bowls of water according to the ratio of six bowls of water to two thick soup treasures (for three people, not too much at one time, next time you hit the hot pot, use one more.)

Clear Soup Hot Pot recipe

3. Remove the foam from the boiled bone soup and put it into the soup pot. Put it on the induction cooker, add salt, add 1 piece of thick soup treasure and simmer.

Clear Soup Hot Pot recipe

4. Add carrots while cooking, and oyster mushrooms last.

Clear Soup Hot Pot recipe

5. Add fish balls, crispy sausage, small fish dumplings, etc. and cook together.

Clear Soup Hot Pot recipe

6. To adjust the flavor, I also added a small amount of pepper. It's cold, let's warm up with some pepper

Clear Soup Hot Pot recipe

7. The fat cow is ready, and it is rinsed when you eat it.

Clear Soup Hot Pot recipe

8. The lamb-shabu is ready. Rinse when you eat

Clear Soup Hot Pot recipe

9. Wash the vegetables and rinse them when you eat them.

Clear Soup Hot Pot recipe


It feels great to have the soup treasure. It is suitable for lazy people or working people. If you want to have hot pot, it seems that you don't have to go out to eat. You can also eat it at home. It is safe, sanitary and safe to eat.


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