Gorgon Big Bone Soup

Gorgon Big Bone Soup

by Xianger Kitchen

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There seems to be no shortage of soup on the table throughout the year. It feels very comfortable to drink the soup before the meal. The ingredients for the soup are constantly changing with the changes of the seasons. I like to cook the bone soup. Add the right amount of Jinhua ham to enhance the fresh and salty taste. It is great. Gorgon has high nutritional value. It can not only make desserts, but also boil soup with bones. The taste is very good. Adding an appropriate amount of fennel knot can neutralize the greasy feeling of the soup.


Gorgon Big Bone Soup

1. After the big bones are cut off, soak in clean blood and rinse

Gorgon Big Bone Soup recipe

2. Take the required chopped green onion and sliced ginger

Gorgon Big Bone Soup recipe

3. Wash Jinhua ham slices with warm water

Gorgon Big Bone Soup recipe

4. Pork bones and ham at the same time under cold water and boil the water, then remove and wash

Gorgon Big Bone Soup recipe

5. Gorgon is soaked 10 hours in advance and then picked up and washed

Gorgon Big Bone Soup recipe

6. Rinse the louver knot with warm water and squeeze out the water

Gorgon Big Bone Soup recipe

7. Then pour all the ingredients into the pressure cooker, add water, and cook into the cooking wine

Gorgon Big Bone Soup recipe

8. Add ginger slices

Gorgon Big Bone Soup recipe

9. Cover and press for 30 minutes

Gorgon Big Bone Soup recipe

10. Then open it and try the taste first, then add salt to taste

Gorgon Big Bone Soup recipe

11. Put it in a bowl, sprinkle with chopped green onion and serve

Gorgon Big Bone Soup recipe


1. Jinhua ham is salty, try the taste before adding salt to taste;
2. Gorgon and pork bones are both resistant to cooking, so using a pressure cooker can save a lot of time;
3. This soup is very delicious, no need to add chicken essence for seasoning.


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