Coconut Milk Tofu

Coconut Milk Tofu

by meggy dancing apple

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There is a famous snack in old Beijing called "Almond Tofu". Today I had a whim, why not make a "Coconut Tofu"?

There happened to be a box of unsealed coconut milk in the house. The 1 liter of coconut milk would last for a while, and its state and color are very similar to almond milk. It shouldn’t be wrong to make tofu.


Coconut Milk Tofu

1. Group photo of ingredients: coconut milk, milk, agar;

Coconut Milk Tofu recipe

2. Soak the agar in cold water;

Coconut Milk Tofu recipe

3. The soaked agar is soft and white;

Coconut Milk Tofu recipe

4. Put the coconut milk and milk in a small bowl and bring to a boil over medium heat;

Coconut Milk Tofu recipe

5. Put the soaked agar into the coconut milk melt, turn to a low heat, and stir with a small spoon from time to time to melt the agar;

Coconut Milk Tofu recipe

6. Pour the coconut milk into two small bowls, let it dry for a few minutes, put the cling film in the refrigerator until it solidifies; the agar solidifies very quickly after 40 degrees, put it in the refrigerator at a temperature of about 4 degrees, and touch 1 It solidified very solid within an hour and a half;

Coconut Milk Tofu recipe

7. Take a pinch of dried osmanthus into a small bowl, soak in hot water of about 60 degrees to fully release the fragrance, and use it after cooling;

Coconut Milk Tofu recipe

8. Use a knife to cut the coagulated coconut milk into small pieces. This is coconut tofu; pour some sweet-scented osmanthus soup and enjoy it!

Coconut Milk Tofu recipe


1. The ready-made coconut milk drink for coconut milk contains sugar, so there is no need to put additional sugar. If you want a sweeter taste, you can taste it after adding milk and add sugar as appropriate;
2. Although the coconut milk is white, but the color is lighter, add a little milk, in addition to increase the milk flavor, mainly to make the color of the finished product whiter;
3. Agar can be purchased in stores and online stores. It does not matter if you use more or less; if you put more, the hardness will be stronger; if you put less, it will be softer; the opened agar should be clamped with a sealing clip and stored in a cool place That is, the shelf life can be several years.


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