Coffee Almond Nougat

Coffee Almond Nougat

by Xiaochun

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This flavor of nougat is really delicious, it is my favorite flavor (I don't dare to eat more).

The scraps were wiped out by me and the pig, and the aftertaste is endless!

I learned the lesson from the matcha nougat last time, and I was afraid that the coffee powder was too bitter, so I added some extra sugar, which tasted just right.

In addition, the almonds are chopped up, and the finished candy is more neat and beautiful after being cut into pieces. It is said that there is a failure to make progress. This is true!


Coffee Almond Nougat

1. Melt the butter in a non-stick pan over low heat

2. Add marshmallows and continue to melt

Coffee Almond Nougat recipe

3. Add milk powder and instant coffee powder and mix into a dough

4. Add chopped almonds

5. Pour it into the mold covered with silicone oil paper while it is hot

Coffee Almond Nougat recipe

6. Press tightly, wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight

7. Take out to warm up, then cut into small pieces

8. Wrap it in sugar paper

Coffee Almond Nougat recipe
Coffee Almond Nougat recipe
Coffee Almond Nougat recipe


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