Brushed Chocolate Chip Cookies

Brushed Chocolate Chip Cookies

by Squirrelfish 77

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The appearance of this chocolate chip cookie looks very ordinary, but there are surprises in the meeting. The chocolate chip cookie with marshmallow is crispy and sweet and can be drawn. It is especially delicious and the method is very simple. It can be baked in the oven after stirring. It can be said that children of a few years can operate it, and everyone can do it successfully.
Chinese New Year is coming soon, let's make a chocolate chip cookie that can be brushed for kids, kids love it.


Brushed Chocolate Chip Cookies

1. All kinds of ingredients must be accurately weighed with a kitchen electronic scale. When you are ready, start making! The kitchen electronic scale is a must-have, and it is recommended that friends start with it.

Brushed Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe

2. Chopped chocolate and brown sugar, if you don’t have brown sugar, you can use brown sugar instead. For the chocolate, I use Dove dark chocolate which I can't finish at home. Brown sugar is always available at home, which can improve women's abdominal distension and pain and increase blood circulation. Children who drink regularly can improve the lack of gas and malnutrition. It has a very good healing and nourishing effect on the elderly who are weak and those who have just recovered from serious illnesses.

Brushed Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe

3. The butter is softened in advance so that a pit will appear when you press it lightly. Remember, the butter is softened, not melted into liquid! Put it in a basin, stir evenly with a hand mixer, and whip it into a paste form.

Brushed Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe

4. Add the chopped brown sugar and stir well. If the brown sugar is still agglomerated, you can also beat it with a wall breaker first.

Brushed Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe

5. Add an egg, stir and mix well. The egg with the skin is about 60 grams.

Brushed Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe

6. First mix low-gluten flour (that is, cake flour) and baking powder evenly, and then sift into the butter and brown sugar mixture. Low-gluten flour and baking powder must be sieved, one is to remove impurities in the flour, and the other is to make the finished product more crispy.

Brushed Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe

7. Use a silicone spatula to mix and mix well. Stop immediately when there is no dry flour. Don't over-mix, which will affect the looseness of the cookies. Then put the chopped chocolate in and mix well.

Brushed Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe

8. The well-mixed cookie batter is in the state shown in the picture. Cover with plastic wrap, put it in the refrigerator, and let it stand for 30 minutes to let the butter become slightly harder for the next step.

Brushed Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe

9. While the butter is refrigerated, let's dispose of the marshmallows. The marshmallow is divided into two, one piece becomes two pieces. It's best to use white marshmallows, but you can't use colored ones instead.

Brushed Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe

10. Take out the refrigerated cookie dough and divide it evenly into small doses, the size can be according to your preference. I made 9 of them, and the divided doses are a bit big, so friends can refer to them. Take one of them, flatten them into round pieces, and wrap them with marshmallows to tighten the mouth. The number of packages is also adjusted according to personal preference or according to the size of your dose.

Brushed Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe

11. Cover the baking tray with parchment paper, place the kneaded cookie dough on the baking tray and press it into a round shape. At this time, you can preheat the oven, and preheat at 150 degrees for at least 10 minutes.

Brushed Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe

12. Once the oven is preheated, put the baking tray into the oven and bake the middle and lower layers for 18 minutes.

Brushed Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe

13. The surface of this cookie is crispy, and the inside is brushed, sweet, soft and crisp, very delicious. If you like to eat softer, you can shorten the time by a few minutes. It's the New Year, this super simple chocolate chip cookie that doesn't need to be spoiled, is crispy, sweet and soft and can be brushed!

Brushed Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe


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