Cranberry Nougat Cookies

Cranberry Nougat Cookies

by CHEFMADE Cookbook

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Cranberry Nougat Cookies

1. Dried cranberries chopped in advance

Cranberry Nougat Cookies recipe

2. Boil the butter in a non-stick pan over low heat

Cranberry Nougat Cookies recipe

3. Add the dried cranberries to the nougat in batches and stir evenly to finish setting aside for heat dissipation

Cranberry Nougat Cookies recipe

4. If the soda crackers you buy also have pros and cons

Cranberry Nougat Cookies recipe

5. Put on gloves and divide the heat-dissipated nougat into 15g small balls

Cranberry Nougat Cookies recipe

6. Sugar placed in the center of the biscuit

Cranberry Nougat Cookies recipe

7. Bake the upper layer in the oven until the sugar is slightly melted and soft. There is no accurate time for this step. The size of the oven is different for everyone. The depth of the space will affect the appearance of 5 minutes before and after.

Cranberry Nougat Cookies recipe

8. Sugar placed in the center of the biscuit

Cranberry Nougat Cookies recipe

9. Done~ To prevent the sugar from becoming hard or damp and melting, please pack it into a bag and put it in the refrigerator in time. It can be stored for half a month and frozen for half a year

Cranberry Nougat Cookies recipe


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