Marshmallow Snowman Cookies

Marshmallow Snowman Cookies

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#罐头小厨# The strongest food guide for Christmas! The handicapped party can also make tall snowman biscuits, including teaching and meeting, which will definitely win the Christmas Moments Photo Contest


Marshmallow Snowman Cookies

1. Add 200g of powdered sugar to 1 egg white, and use a manual whisk to make a hard frosting (the frosting will not drip when the whisk is lifted)

Marshmallow Snowman Cookies recipe

2. Take part of the icing sugar and put them into 4 containers, add yellow, black, brown and red pigments and mix thoroughly, and put them in a piping bag for later use

Marshmallow Snowman Cookies recipe

3. Add a little water to the remaining icing sugar, whipped into wet icing (lift the egg beater, the icing slowly drips and disappears in the basin and the icing time in the basin is about 6 seconds), and put it into a piping bag

Marshmallow Snowman Cookies recipe

4. Use white icing to outline irregular contours on the biscuits, then spread white icing in the middle, and put marshmallows

Marshmallow Snowman Cookies recipe

5. Draw a snowman with colored icing and let it stand to solidify

Marshmallow Snowman Cookies recipe

6. The marshmallow snowman biscuits are ready~ Come and try it

Marshmallow Snowman Cookies recipe


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