Coffee Bean Rot

Coffee Bean Rot

by Mizuki

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Coffee Bean Rot

1. Mix the tofu with a spoon and put it in a strainer for about half an hour to remove some of the tofu.

Coffee Bean Rot recipe

2. The milk, whipped cream, and white sugar are combined and beaten thoroughly and boiled in a pot

Coffee Bean Rot recipe

3. When there are bubbles on the boil, leave the fire and set aside

Coffee Bean Rot recipe

4. Put the filtered tofu into a blender and break evenly

Coffee Bean Rot recipe

5. Add instant coffee and break evenly

Coffee Bean Rot recipe

6. Pour the whipped tofu into the milk and stir well

Coffee Bean Rot recipe

7. Pour the gelatine solution (melt the gelatine powder with 30g warm water and heat it over water to remove the fishy smell), stir well

Coffee Bean Rot recipe

8. Sieved, divided into molds, refrigerated for six hours

Coffee Bean Rot recipe

9. Blow the four sides of the mold with hot air from a hair dryer before demolding

Coffee Bean Rot recipe

10. The delicious coffee bean curd dessert is just fine!
Friends can cut more beautifully

Coffee Bean Rot recipe


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