Coffee Panna

Coffee Panna

by Wanshanhong

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I like to drink coffee, especially without sugar, so I usually don't drink two-in-one or three-in-one. The most important thing is to be afraid of non-dairy creamer. I use a coffee machine to extract coffee. It tastes delicious, but it is too troublesome. Instant sugar-free coffee is the first choice. I like instant pure coffee, which has a strong aroma and is easy to brew. You can add sugar and milk according to your preferences. . As a foodie, coffee can also make a lot of delicacies. Today, I use instant coffee to make a coffee custard. The finished product tastes fragrant and smooth. It is a coffee delicacy that coffee lovers cannot miss.

Coffee Panna

1. Today I used instant pure coffee, take a tablespoon

Coffee Panna recipe

2. Add boiling water to melt

Coffee Panna recipe

3. Add rock sugar powder or a cube of sugar. The amount of sugar can be adjusted to your liking. I don't like too sweet, I added a little sugar.

Coffee Panna recipe

4. Add two tablespoons of powdered milk.

Coffee Panna recipe

5. Stir evenly so that the milk powder is also fully melted

Coffee Panna recipe

6. Soak the gelatine slices in ice water 20 minutes in advance to soften

Coffee Panna recipe

7. Put the soft soaked gelatin tablets into the coffee liquid when the coffee temperature is about 60 degrees.

Coffee Panna recipe

8. Stir well to melt the gelatine slices completely.

Coffee Panna recipe

9. Pour into a cup and refrigerate for about 2 hours

Coffee Panna recipe

10. The coffee custard after refrigeration has solidified jelly-like. Decorate the surface to be more beautiful

Coffee Panna recipe

11. Dig a spoon to see, the taste is very smooth, made a cup, I will eat it in a while.

Coffee Panna recipe


Ice water must be used to soak the gelatin tablets, otherwise it will affect the solidification, and the gelatin tablets cannot be melted with too hot liquid. It can melt at about 60 degrees. Too high temperature will affect the solidification effect.


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