Colorful Braised Rice

Colorful Braised Rice

by Xiao Huihui is a cook

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May in my hometown The air is slightly cool The wind blows softly on your hands A pot of colorful braised rice It is a gift for mother...


Colorful Braised Rice

1. Wash and dice shiitake mushrooms

Colorful Braised Rice recipe

2. Peel and diced carrots

Colorful Braised Rice recipe

3. Diced sausage

Colorful Braised Rice recipe

4. Add the washed rice to the right amount of salt and water (note that the water is less than usual when adding water, because the vegetables contain water), the chopped shiitake mushrooms, carrots, sausages, green peas, and corn kernels in turn into the rice Put the cross-coded tomatoes and a spoonful of cooking oil in the pot, cover and simmer.

Colorful Braised Rice recipe

5. After the rice is simmered, add a little mushroom essence and sesame oil, mix it and put it into a bowl!

Colorful Braised Rice recipe


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