Colorful Snowy Mooncakes

Colorful Snowy Mooncakes

by Jinling Meizi

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Snowy moon cakes are becoming more and more popular now. It is simple and elegant in appearance, beautiful and fashionable, with various tastes, and easy to make. It is especially popular among young people. In order to reduce the intake of pigment, I added matcha and purple sweet potato to the ice skin, which can be dazzling without the pigment ice skin!

Colorful Snowy Mooncakes

1. The peeled mung beans are soaked and steamed. After crushing, add appropriate amount of oil and sugar and fry into mung bean paste for later use.

Colorful Snowy Mooncakes recipe

2. Sift glutinous rice flour, sticky rice flour, and orange flour into a large container

Colorful Snowy Mooncakes recipe

3. Mix the milk, sugar, and corn oil together, then slowly pour into the powder and stir evenly until there are no particles, and leave it for half an hour

Colorful Snowy Mooncakes recipe

4. After the water in the pot is boiled, put the container into the pot and stir while steaming. After about 3 minutes, take the container out and mix well and wrap it with plastic wrap, and continue to steam it in the pot for 25 minutes

Colorful Snowy Mooncakes recipe

5. After it cools slightly, knead the steamed flour into a smooth ball with your hands (wear disposable gloves), add matcha and purple sweet potato respectively, knead it well, put it in a fresh-keeping box and refrigerate for 1-2 hours

Colorful Snowy Mooncakes recipe

6. The refrigerated dough is divided into 30 grams each (15 grams for each of the two colors), and 20 grams each with mung bean paste filling is rounded

Colorful Snowy Mooncakes recipe

7. Take a portion of the original flavor and a portion of the purple sweet potato, respectively, long and cross-wound

Colorful Snowy Mooncakes recipe

8. The rolled two-color strip is then wound into a circle and pressed into a dosing agent

Colorful Snowy Mooncakes recipe

9. Flatten the agent and put it into the mung bean paste, wrap it up by turning it while pushing it up, round it with a little cake powder and place it into the mold to press

Colorful Snowy Mooncakes recipe

10. Arbitrarily match the colors in turn, choose different molds and flower pieces to form different shapes and colors, and put the ice skins in the refrigerator to be eaten overnight.

Colorful Snowy Mooncakes recipe


1. The color of the ice can be adjusted and combined at will.
2. The cake flour is just to fry the glutinous rice flour to prevent adhesion.
3. The filling can choose your favorite taste.
4. The steamed noodles should be very smooth and flat. If the surface color is different, it may be unripe. You need to extend the steaming time.


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