Cornmeal Wrapped in Pastry

Cornmeal Wrapped in Pastry

by Meimeijia's Kitchen

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When I went back to my hometown with my husband during the Spring Festival, I saw a lot of cornmeal buns steamed in a wood-fired iron pot during the meal. I have not eaten it for many years, and I feel super fresh! During the meal, all six or seven people in the family ate rice, but I took a wowotou and it was very sweet!
The mother-in-law was happy and said it was steamed for the dog, don't eat it~
I was messy in an instant~
Then the mother-in-law said again, the noodles are good, and they are made clean. You can eat as you like, it’s okay~~
After that meal, the puppies who were originally unfriendly with me became more hostile to me!
It may be the reason why I haven't eaten it for too long. I think the "small stove" my mother-in-law made for Xiaobai is particularly delicious, and it is better than the big fish and meat that I ate every day in the New Year!
But people can't fight with dogs, and don't feel embarrassed to eat anymore...
But the taste is deeply remembered~~
After returning home, I have been thinking about this bite, and I bought cornmeal and rushed to make a copy~
But I always feel weird in my heart, and feel that no matter how delicious it is, it is also dog food! ! !
Therefore, I planned to prepare coarse grains and have this product——
Maybe it was really because of eating too much chicken, duck and fish during the Chinese New Year.

The family unanimously praised the delicious food, so they simply bought another ten catties of cornmeal.

During this period of time, I can’t go out. I ate and slept every day. I really lost my corn pastry. My bowel movements have been much smoother these days.

The calories in corn flour are few. After eating, it will hardly produce heat and will not form fat accumulation. Its dietary fiber content is relatively high, which can increase people's fullness. Regular consumption can significantly reduce weight, which is good The weight loss effect. Older meat? Try this delicious whole grains.


Cornmeal Wrapped in Pastry

1. First, deal with the dough material in the main ingredient:
Pour the yeast powder into warm water at about 40° and stir with chopsticks until it melts.

Cornmeal Wrapped in Pastry recipe

2. Pour warm water into the flour mixed with cornmeal and white flour and knead it into a smooth dough. It is then fermented at a higher room temperature. In winter, I like to put it in a steamer.

Cornmeal Wrapped in Pastry recipe

3. Taking advantage of the fermentation time of the dough, let's proceed to process the filling:
The red dates are pitted and chopped, and the raisins are chopped.

Cornmeal Wrapped in Pastry recipe

4. In about 40 minutes, the dough will be doubled in size. Take out the fermented dough and knead it with your hands to remove the gas. Divide the dough into two parts so that the specific gravity of the two parts is about 2/3.

Cornmeal Wrapped in Pastry recipe

5. Add the stuffing to the lesser portion, mix well and knead into balls about 40g in size. Then divide the dough without fillings into equal pieces. I made seven copies in total.

Cornmeal Wrapped in Pastry recipe

6. Take a dough without fillings and knead it into a small bowl. Then put the stuffed dough balls in the center.
One hand gently supports the dough from below, and the other hand uses the user's mouth to slowly gather the dough web until the filling dough is completely wrapped. Put the wrapped dough in the palm of your hand and gently knead, and the surface is smooth and smooth!

Cornmeal Wrapped in Pastry recipe

7. Wrap everything into a ball, put it in a steamer at about 30 degrees, cover and ferment for 30 minutes.

Cornmeal Wrapped in Pastry recipe

8. After the dough is fermented for the second time, bring it to a boil on medium heat for 20 minutes. Turn off the heat for two minutes and the pan will be ready.

Cornmeal Wrapped in Pastry recipe

9. Hurry up when it's hot out of the pot, it's super delicious!

Cornmeal Wrapped in Pastry recipe

10. If you can’t finish a meal, put it in a fresh-keeping bag after a little cooling, otherwise it will harden after air-drying.
For the little friends who often make pasta, this vigor is relatively simple and easy to use.
If you don’t make pasta often, you need to take a closer look at the following tips~

Cornmeal Wrapped in Pastry recipe


This cornmeal pastry has a relatively large proportion of cornmeal, and it is a habit that children may not be able to eat with a thin throat. If you usually eat less coarse grains, you can increase the proportion of flour as appropriate.
The fermentation temperature is between 30°-40°, the fermentation will be faster. In winter, the indoor temperature in the south is relatively low. You can put it in a steamer and add hot water to make it easier to ferment, but the temperature should not be overheated, exceeding 60° Yeast will die completely, too much is too late, don't let the seedlings grow!
Fillings can be added according to the sweetness of your preference, the recipe is not the only quantitative! If you like to eat salty, you can also replace the red dates and raisins with sausage diced, which is also delicious.
It is a technical job to wrap the fillings. The mooncakes are used to slowly push up with the mouth of a tiger. If you think that the thin skin is too bad, you can adjust the proportions to make the dough a little thicker. But the thin-skinned ones are more delicious!
Let's talk about these first, if you don't understand anything, please feel free to leave a message.


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